Top 10 Cricket Shots Name Explained In Detail

Top 10 Cricket Shots Name Explained In Detail

I am assuming that you are someone who likes to watch cricket on regular basis or only some important games like IND vs PAK, and probably you would always wanted to know about the name of the cricket shots which are played by all the batsman frequently in a match. We often times heard the terms like pull shot, cut shot, cover drive, and many more cricket shots name which you may have did not know completely what is it about. No worries, I am here for you to introduce and to let you know about all the cricket batting shots with proper images.

Before we dive in, let me tell you that there are mainly two categories in which all the cricket shots fall into. The first one is conventional or orthodox cricket shots, which are mainly emphasized by all the coaches to the batsman as they are safe and classy as well.

Second one is, unconventional or unorthodox shots which most of the cricket coach do not encourage to play as it contains high risk to be out, but still they are being played by many batters in world cricket because with high risk you also get high rewards.

List Of Top 10 Cricket Batting Shots Name

  • Orthodox or Conventional Batting Shots

1) Straight Drive

Straight drive cricket shot.

Probably one of the best classical cricket shots is the straight drive, when a bowler delivers the full length delivery between middle and leg stump it is a perfect one to execute the straight drive. Moreover, The reason behind it looks quite breathtaking to the eyes is because a batsman has to align his head, foot, elbow, and the face of the bat towards the sight screen in order to play it perfectly.

Although every international cricketer knows quite well how to play straight drive shot but when it comes perfection, I personally don’t think anyone is even near to the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Moreover, A straight drive has to go towards either way of the umpire, that’s where it becomes easy for a batter to score a four as now fielder would be there to stop the ball.

2) On-Drive

on drive batting stroke by steven smith.

There is a misconception among many young cricketers and fans out there that straight drive and on drive has no difference! However, it is completely baseless because a on-drive goes between the mid-on and mid-wicket position whereas Straight drive travels towards the sight screen.

Furthermore, it is rarely played by any player in world cricket because it quite tough to execute as there are chances of being Leg before wicket. A On drive is played when the ball is pitched on the leg stumps and with the help of bat and elbow extension, ball travels towards the mid on field position. Player like Smith and Kohli were seen couple of times executing this pretty tough shot.

3) Off-Drive

off drive cricket shot by joe root.

Okay now you have to think, when a batsman plays a drive towards the mid-off field position on the full length delivery by aligning his head, elbow, and feet position in the same direction of the ball, what you will called that stroke? yes, you are right it will be named as off drive shot.

Mainly these shot is played in the off stump and sometimes in the middle stump line as well according to the pace of a bowler. If ball is coming quite fast then playing the off drive in off stump line would be the wiser decision than going for middle stick. Again, Sachin Tendulkar was the master of this one as well.

4) Cover-Drive Shot

Cover drive is the most beautiful cricket shot.

Virat Kohli is the one who increased the popularity of this shot in recent years because of his pure perfection and class he shows while playing the cover drive. However, it is one the toughest shot of cricket as it requires perfect judgment of the full length ball which comes on 3rd and 4th stumps.

Moreover, If a batsman does not reach at the pitch of the ball and throws his bat, there are high chances he can caught behind in the hands of keeper or slip. Virat Kohli always make sure to use his feet along with the full extension of the bat with the elbow, while keeping head position remains still to execute perfect cover drive shot.

5) Square Drive 

square drive is the one of the most toughest shot in cricket.

There are 4 types of drive which a batter can play on front foot, above we have discussed the other three and here is the fourth one which is called a square drive. In order to play perfect square drive shot, the ball should be pitched on full length area of outside the off stumps, then the rest of work is on a batsman to play it with the perfection by checking all the technical aspects.

If you want to spot the the difference between the cover and square drive, then you should focus on the direction of the ball after hitting it by a batsman. If the ball goes between the point and covers field position, then you can be sure that it is a square drive. Moreover Joe Root, Steve Smith, Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson are the ones who plays this shot oftentimes.

6) Front Foot Defense

A batsman fundamentals has to be strong in order to play all types of cricket shot, and one of the essential component of being fundamentally strong is, by having a strong front foot defense shot which protects the batsman from being LBW and bowled out against the swing bowlers who can bowl with 140 KMPH.

When a bowler bowls a length ball with good amount of pace the with pretty good swing, best option for a batter is to just place his foot in the line of the ball and block it in front of his pads, which is popularly known as front Foot Defense. Indian former batsman, Rahul Dravid was a someone who used to play front foot defense with quite perfection.

7) Back Foot Defense

Above we talked about forward defense, here when a batsman goes deep inside in the batting crease with his back foot and block the ball which comes above the height of thighs, it is called as Back foot defense. This is another defensive shot which plays a vital role in the bouncy pitches in order to tackle the pace and swing of a bowler.

Now many of you think that these two front and back foot defense shots might not that important in cricket, but let me tell you this are the only two cricket shot which most of the batsman tries to play in start of their inning in order to build rhythum and to get their timing of the ball. Therefore, it would be silly if we consider these shots as insignificant in cricket.

8) Back Foot Drive

Let me clear you first, back foot punch and drive is the same thing so don’t be confused when you hear these two terms. It is one of the most effective and best cricket shot a player can execute in pitches of South Africa and Australia where it offers pretty good bounce for the bowlers.

The back foot drive is the full elbow extension of back foot defense, A batsman had to go deep and across the off stump in the crease by transferring his weight totally on the back foot while playing the back foot punch. The essential aspect of this shot is, to transfer the weight from front foot to back leg in order to generate power in the shot.

9) Cut Shot 

One of the most attacking cricket shot is played on the short pitch ball which comes on 5th-6th stump on the waist height or sometimes even above by smashing it towards the point fielder, which is called a cut shot. The important thing in order to play a perfect cut shot is to meeting the bat and ball just before the eyes while smashing it with full elbow extension.

Furthermore, it is a best cricketing shot for any batter to score some quick runs by smashing it for fours and sixes, especially against fast bowlers who are capable of clicking 145 kmph or more than that. David Warner, Kumar Sangakkara, Gautam Gambhir, and Virender Sehwag are some of the most prominent players of cut shot.

10) Pull Shot

Most attacking cricket batting shot is the pull stroke.

Rohit Sharma’s favorite cricket stroke, pull shot is the one where a batsman a chance to showcase his power and timing at once, that’s the reason most of the longest sixes by the batsmen comes on while playing the pull shot.

Talking about the execution of this aggressive cricket shot, a ball has to pitch in between the line of middle or leg stump on the short pitch length where a batsman role is to lift his bat as high as possible and then playing horizontally against the ball with the elbow remaining straight.


Which is the most beautiful cricket shot?

There are couple of cricket shots which looks quite beautiful while playing, however Cover drive is the one which is considered as most beautiful cricket shot as it delivers the pure elegance from a batter.

Which is the favorite shot of Shubman Gill?

Shubman Gill is someone who plays all the cricket shots with pure perfection and beauty, Though is favorite cricket storke is the back foot punch shot.

Which is the most risky shot in cricket?

There are few shots which is quite risky to play, like Switch hit, paddle scoop, dil scoop, and reverse sweep. But the highest risk of getting out is while playing the dil scoop shot.


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