Top 10 Players To Reach Fastest 3000 Runs In ODI

Top 10 Players To Reach Fastest 3000 Runs In ODI

Be it our regular life or a sport like cricket, we always want to achieve personal milestone in order to make it more exciting and to know about our own capability and worth. Similarly, most of the cricket players also strive to get their name register in as many  records as possible. Therefore, today we will walk you through the top 10 players who has scored the fastest 3000 runs in ODI cricket. Moreover, scoring runs in ODI cricket may look like similar to t20i in terms of field and ball but it is completely different when it comes to play in the 50 over format with the different mindset and approach.

Furthermore, in order to reach a milestone like fastest 3000 ODI runs it requires consistency not only in scoring tons of runs but also in maintaining the impressive strike rate over 110 or above for a pretty good period of time. All these qualities can be find in these following legends who has successfully entered in this list.

Top 10 Batsman To Score Fastest 3000 Runs In ODI

1) Hashim Amla – 57 Innings

Hashim amla is the fastest player to score 3000 odi runs.

Former South African opener, Hashim Amla was popular for his aggressive batting style from the very first ball of the match. His batting stance is still the one of the most iconic and popular among the cricket fans. Hashim Amla is the number one player who smashed the fastest 3000 runs in ODI in just 57 innings on 12 August in 2012 while playing against England.

Amla played his first ever ODI game in 2008 and achieved this special milestone of 3000 runs in ODI in just span of 4 years. Later, he remained South Africa’s main opener in all three formats for a long time and helped his nation in many matches with his single handed match winning capability.

2) Shai Hope – 67 Innings

West-indies batsman Shai Hope crossed 3000 ODI runs.

Most of the times when we talk about any type of ODI record we usually thinks about players like Jos Buttler, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Williamson etc, But we forget to realize one promising cricketer’s name from West Indies. Yes, opener Shai Hope has ranked on 2nd place in terms of making fastest 3000 ODI runs.

Likewise all other Carribean Players Shai Hope is also known for his power hitting with pretty good game sense as well. Shai Hope took 67 ODI innings to reach at 3000 runs milestone in One day international cricket. Moreover, this special record came against India in 2019 in West Indies vs India ODI series.

3) Fakhar Zaman – 67 Innings

Pakistani opener Fakhar Zaman entered in the list of fastest to score 3000 runs in odi.

Pakistan’s main opening batter, Fakhar Zaman is going outstandingly well from last 1.5 years in One day cricket as he not only scored runs but also played some iconic ODI innings. His 193 runs knock vs South Africa in 2022, and 180* undefeated innings vs New-Zealand in 2023 helped him to enter in this list little bit faster than usual.

Lefty batter, Fakhar Zaman completed his fastest 3000 runs in ODI in 67 innings in 2023 while playing against the New Zealand in Rawalpindi cricket stadium. However, his ODI world cup did not go well according to his standards as an opener for Pakistan.

4) Imam Ul Haq – 67 Innings

Pakistani opener Imam Ul Haq crossed 3000 one day cricket runs.

Fakhar Zaman’s opening Partner, Imam Ul Haq also makes his way in this list fastest to reach 3000 runs in ODI with the same amount of innings 67, similar to his non striker opening partner. Moreover, Imam Ul Haq also holds the record of 2nd pakistani debut player to score a century in One Day International Cricket.

Furthermore, Imam Ul Haq plays equal important role for Pakistan when it comes to scoring runs from the first ball as Fakhar Zaman does. Imam Ul Haq crossed the mark of 3000 runs in ODI format in recent world cup while playing against the Sri Lanka in the Hyderabad cricket ground.

5) Babar Azam – 68 Innings

Babar Azam completes his fastest 3000 one day international runs.

I think it would not be wrong to say that Pakistani top order batsmans are now currently dominating the ODI cricket in terms of making personal milestone. Earlier we saw both the opening batters of Pakistan ranked on number 3 and 4 and now, the emerging star player Babar Azam also makes his place in the list of fastest player to score 3000 ODI runs in 68 innings.

However, Babar got his ODI cap in may 2015 from where he did not spare a chance to impress the pakistani fans and their cricket board. Just after 4 years of his One day debut, Babar Azam achieved the feat of 3000 runs in 2019 world cup against New Zealand at Birmingham.

6) Sir Viv Richards – 69 Innings

West Indies batter, Viv Richards in list of 3000 odi runs.

The amount of respect Virat Kohli has in modern day cricket is equal to what Sir Vivian Richards had in 1980s-90s. You would rarely see Viv Richards wearing a helmet against fast bowlers, no matter how lethal the opponent bowler is. His aggressive playstyle used to scare the opposition team even before the start of the match, that’s kind of aura he has created for his own self at that time.

West Indies great, Viv Richards crossed the feat of fastest 3000 ODI runs in 69 innings in may 1984 against England. The interesting fact about this stat is that, it took almost 9 years for him to make 3000 runs while the amount of innings he played has no difference. That’s because ODI cricket was not used to play too often in 80’s.

7) Gordon Greenidge – 72 Innings

You might think that players like Virendra Sehwag, Sangakkara are the best cut shot player of cricket, but you will be amaze if you ever look the square cuts of former Barbados legendary batter Gordon Greenidge who represented West Indies in test and ODI cricket for 17 years.

Gordon Greenidge was known for his unique elegant batting which lead him to become the player with fastest 3000 ODI run in 72 innings, he was just 3 innings behind than his teammate in this special batting stat. Moreover, he took the longest time period of 11 years and 128 days in order to reach to this milestone of 3000 runs in one day cricket.

8) Gary Kirsten – 72 Innings

The man who helped the India as a coach in winning the title of 2011 world cup, Gary Kirsten is not only a wonderful coach a team can have but also a great classy left handed batsman. South Africa was fortunate to have Gary Kirsten in the era of 1990s-2000s where he dominated in Australia, India, and England in one day cricket.

Former South African player, Gary Kirsten’s ODI career took off from the very first year of his debut in 1993 and within the span of 4 years he smashed tons of runs which led him to make his place in the list of fastest 3000 runs in ODI in 72 innings.

9) Shikhar Dhawan – 72 Innings

Indian batter, Shikhar Dhawan made 3000 odi runs.

As an Indian fan the thing you would probably miss the most is the combination of Rohit-Dhawan in ODI cricket as it used to be earlier. India’s finest left handed opener, Shikhar Dhawan truly dominated between 2012-2019 in one day international where he crossed the feat of 3000 ODI runs in 72 matches in 2016 only against Australia in Canberra.

However, due to little rough phase in ODI performance of Dhawan’s he was removed from the Indian cricket team and replaced by young players like Shubman Gill and Ishan Kishan. The contribution of Dhawan for India in White ball cricket would certainly get remembered for many years.

10) Joe Root – 72 Innings

Joe root, 10th player to score fastest 3000 odi runs in world.

Most of you know Joseph Edward Root as a wonderful test player, but if we look at the stats and records of him in white ball cricket, especially in ODI then it might surprise you. England’s one of the main asset in ODI cricket, Joe Root is the only player who took least period of time of 3 years and 234 days in order to cross 3000 runs in ODI cricket that too in only 72 innings.

He played his first ODI match for England in 2013 and three years later in 2016 he became the member of fastest 3000 ODI runs club against Pakistan in Leeds cricket ground. His ability to rotate the strike effortlessly and smashing boundaries on loose deliveries makes him the best in this format, similar to what Virat Kohli does.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the fastest player to score 3000 Runs In ODI?

South African iconic opener, Hashim Amla currently holds the record of fastest player to score 3000 runs in ODI cricket in just 57 innings.

In how many ODI matches Virat Kohli crossed 3000 ODI runs?

One of the greatest ever batter of ODI, Virat Kohli successfully crossed the mark of 3000 ODI runs in 78 matches in 2012 while playing against Sri Lanka.

In how many matches Babar Azam scored 3000 ODI runs?

During the 2019 ODI world cup, Former Pakistani captain Babar Azam crossed the milestone of 3000 ODI runs by playing 68 ODI matches.



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