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Top 5 Biggest Cricket Stadium in England

England is one of those countries who probably loves the sports from their every bit of heart whether it is football or cricket, the sports lovers has always filled out in full capacity in the stadiums of England in order to support their favorites and of course to have a good time as well. However, England has not big cricket stadiums like Australia and India has in terms of seating capacity of around 100k, nevertheless the experience in live cricket stadium in England is considered one of the most beautiful thing to experience.

Moreover, England is the perfect example of how crowd should be engage with their team to support in each and every ball, we have seen many times during the test cricket matches in the grounds of England. Therefore, let’s find out some of the biggest cricket stadiums of England and ranks them according to their seating capacity.

Top 5 Biggest Cricket Grounds In England

1) Lords Cricket Ground – 31,000 Capacity

Lords is the largest cricket stadium in England.

Undoubtedly Lords cricket ground is one of the most iconic and popular cricket ground around the world. The Lords cricket ground is situated in London, England, which was built in 1814 by Thomas Lord around 209 years ago, therefore it is also the world’s oldest sporting museum.

Every cricket player would love to play in the ‘home of cricket’ (which is a another name of lords cricket ground) in order to experience its overwhelming beauty which it offers. Talking about its spectator capacity which is 31,000 people, makes it the biggest cricket stadium in England.

Furthermore, this ground has given many iconic memories to the world cricket be it 2019 world cup final drama of England and New Zealand or Sourav Ganguly shirtless celebration in the lords balcony during the NatWest 2002 series final. Lords cricket ground will always hold a special place in every cricket fan.

2) Oval Cricket Ground – 27,500 Capacity

Oval cricket stadium is one of the largest cricket ground of England.

Located in Kennington, London, Oval Cricket Ground is quite special for all the Indian fans as Indian team won the iconic test match against England with huge margin of 157 runs in 2022 test series. The current name of this ground is ‘Kia Oval’ as it is in the sponsorship deal with a company.

Moreover, the foundation stone of Oval cricket ground was laid in 1845 with the spectator capacity of 27,500 which makes it second biggest cricket ground of England after Lords. It was built for multi-purpose to organize the matches of Football, Rugby, and Cricket as a primary sport.

The north western end of this ground is popularly known as Vauxhall end because it is quite near to Vauxhall railway station, and the south eastern end is called Pavillion end as there is a pavilion situated for the players. Similarly like most of the English cricket grounds, Oval is also quite favorable for the bowlers.

3) Old Trafford – 26,000 Capacity

It is the emirates old trafford cricket ground of England.

Old Trafford cricket ground has hosted the world cup in 1975, 1979, 1983, and 1999 which by far the most number of times among all the cricket grounds of England which proves how important role this grounds plays for international cricket. However, the ground is sponsored by Emirates in 2013 that’s why it is called the Emirates Old Trafford ground.

Third biggest cricket stadium in England which is Located in Greater Manchester, England, the construction of Old Trafford cricket ground was completed in 1857 and became the homeground of Manchester Cricket Club with the seating volume of 26,000 people. However, Old Trafford cricket ground is also used for Music events along with international cricket matches.

4) Edgbaston Cricket Ground – 25,000 Capacity

Edgbaston is the 4th biggest cricket ground of England in terms of capacity.

The ground where Aussie star batsman, Steve Smith made his biggest comeback after the sandpaper incident ban by scoring back to back centuries in a test match, Edgbaston Cricket ground ranks as 4th biggest cricket ground in England with the overall seating capacity of 25,000 fans.

It was established in 1882 in the city of Birmingham, England, and it was the same ground where Brian Lara scored 501 runs for Warwickshire against Durham and became the player to score highest run in first-class cricket. This pitch of this stadium offers a very good advantage to the seam bowlers, whereas batsman have to make their way by struggling in order to score big.

The support of crowd for it’s hometeam England was phenomenal during the Ashes 2015 where England won the series and the noise of crowd was quite loud, even Alastair Cook said, that is was the best crowd I have ever witness in my cricketing career. Therefore, it features on 4th place in terms of biggest cricket stadium in England.

5) Headingley Cricket Ground – 18,350 Capacity

Headingley is the 5th largest cricket ground of England.

No matter where you are located right now, but if you are a regular follower of test cricket then I guess you know the Headingley Cricket ground quite well, I am talking about the greatest ever test inning which was played by Ben Stokes in 2019 against Australia where he made 135 runs not out.

Headingley cricket stadium is known as 5th biggest cricket ground of England which is located in Leeds became ready for the action in 1890 under the ownership of Yorkshire Cricket Club with the total fans capacity of 18,350 people. Talking about the pitch of Headingley ground, It offers pretty good advantage to the batter as wicket gets flatter as the game gets progress, except first 15-20 overs where bowlers might dominate as the ball gets swing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the biggest cricket ground in terms of capacity in England?

Iconic and oldest sports cricket ground of World, Lords is the biggest cricket ground of England as it has the seating capacity of 31,000 people.

In which ground India won its first ever test match in England?

India won its first ever test match in Oval cricket ground of England in 2022 under the captainship of Virat Kohli with the big margin of 157 runs.