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Most Double Centuries In Test Cricket : TOP 10

As a batsman one of the best feeling is to score a double hundred in the longest format of the cricket, which tests the patience, temperament, skills, and confidence of a batsman which eventually makes him the contender to be the best in test cricket .

There are multiple batters in today’s modern era and the former 90s players as well who has all these required traits which helps them to smash double centuries one after one.Therefore Let’s go through the top 10 batsmen who has scored most double centuries in test cricket and established their name in this iconic list of red ball cricket.

Top 10 Batsmen With Most Double Centuries In Test Cricket

1) Don Bradman – 12 Double Hundreds

Don bradman with most 200 runs in test cricket.

The record for having the most double centuries in test cricket history is still owned by the Australian Test legend, Sir Donald Bradman as he had smashed the 12 double hundreds in just 52 test matches with an unbelievable batting average of 99.94.

The shocking thing to notice is the gap between the Don Bradman and all other test legends is the amount of test matches he played. After Don Bradman, cricket has witnessed a lot of players who played 100 plus test games and still did not able to reach even closer to the mark of what Bradman has achieved.

Moreover The greatest batsman of Test cricket, Don Bradman passed away on 25th February, 2001 and left his remarks forever in this gentlemen’s game of cricket.

2) K. Sangakkara – 11 Double Hundreds

Kumar Sangakkara with 11 double centuries in test.

The classiest and stylish left handed batsman Sri lankan cricket has ever produced was Kumar Sangakkara who almost broke the Don Bradman’s record of most double centuries in test cricket.

I personally feels, that the amount of fame and respect given to Sangakkara is quite minimal as compare to players of his era such as Virendra Sehwag, Ricky Ponting, Tendulkar etc. He literally owned the test format as long as he played the red ball cricket in his career.

Talking about the double hundred of Sangakkara, He ended up scoring 11 double centuries out of 134 test matches in his 15 years of test career with 12,400 test runs. Not only this, Sangakkara also holds the record of having 2nd most centuries in test cricket which is 38 so far by any player.

3) Brian Lara – 9 Double Hundreds

Most double centuries for west indies, Brian Lara.

Yet another star player of test cricket, who has left his legacy with his iconic inning of 400* runs ranks on 3rd place in terms of scoring most double centuries in test where he played 131 test games in which he successfully managed to reach the mark of 9 double 200s.

Brian Lara has tremendous bat speed due to his 6 feet tall muscular body and ability to time the ball in the sweet spot of the bat, these two things used to make him the dangerous batter of test format in the 90s and early 2000s era of test cricket. Moreover, He is the only player to score highest double hundred in test for West Indies.

4) WR Hammond – 7 Double Hundreds

Most double hundred for england, WR Hammond.

Those who don’t know much about WR Hammond, He is a former test cricket hero of England who played the real cricket when there were no helmets, no abdomen guard, no restriction on amount of bouncers, played on bouncy and fast pitches, with red hard leather ball and yet Hammond has the batting average of 58.45 per inning.

Moreover, England’s Hammond had made 7 double hundreds in test by playing 85 games and still holds the record of most double centuries for England in test cricket after almost 70 plus years.

Hammond has the same level of respect and legacy in the England which Don Bradman has in the Australia as they both even played against each other during 1930s and 40s.

5) Virat Kohli – 7 Double Hundreds

Virat Kohli has most double century for india in test cricket.

The man who showed a entire new direction to Indian test team with his phenomenal captaincy and aggressive batting display in all over the world where he played. So far, Virat Kohli played 113 test matches and going strong in his test career with 7 double centuries in his account and currently holds the title of most double centuries for india in test format.

Furthermore, Virat Kohli is the only active player to be in this list and if he continues to play till 2028 then I am sure that he has pretty good chance to end up on 3rd or even 2nd place in this list.

6) M. Jayawardene – 7 Double Hundreds

Jayawardene is 6th player with most double hundred in test.

There were two main reason why Sri Lanka used to considered as strongest test team during the period of 2000-2015, 1st is Kumar Sangakkara and the second was Mahela Jayawardene who almost scored the same amount of runs which his partner Sangakkara has made and also earned equal respect from Sri Lankan fans.

Moreover, Mahela Jayawardene represented Sri Lanka in 149 test games and ended his test career with 7 double hundreds in his bag during his test tenure of Sri Lanka from 1997 to 2014.

Interesting fact about Jayawardene is, he is the second player in the world who made the most test runs in a single inning which was against South Africa in 2006 where he thrashed 374 runs in a single test inning.

7) Kane Williamson – 6 Double Hundreds

Kane williamson made 6 double centuries in test.

Everyone knows that Cricket is a gentleman’s game and Kane Williamson really mean it whenever he is on the cricket field. He is probably the only cricketer right now in international cricket who is loved by all throughout the world with zero haters for his impressive behaviour and classy batting.

New Zealand’s captain, Kane Williamson has recently completed his 100th test game against Australia and he currently scored 6 double centuries so far in his test career. Likewise Virat Kohli, Kiwi’s captain Kane also has 3-4 years left before playing his last test game and can go upward in this list.

8) Virender Sehwag – 6 Double Hundreds

Virender Sehwag made 6 double centuries in test.

There were always few players in test cricket who used to play it like an ODI or T20 format be it such as Brian Lara, Sir Viv Richards, Ricky Ponting etc. But former Indian opener, Virender Sehwag was the 1st batsman from india who started to play the test cricket in quite a dominating way.

Right handed explosive batter of India,Virender Sehwag established his terror in the eyes of opponent team bowler’s during the period of 2000-2013 and ended up smashing 6 double hundreds in 104 test matches while representing the Indian flag high.

Just Imagine, How many more milestones such as 100s and 200s Virender Sehwag would have achieved if he could have played his inning a bit carefully in his 90s and 180s score in test cricket, He never cared about his personal milestone yet he managed to have 6 200 runs in his bag.

9) Ricky Ponting – 6 Double Hundreds

Ricky ponting has 6 200s in test cricket.

The man who carried the legacy of Australian cricket in world cup by winning it back to back for his country, Ricky Ponting also joins the list of most double centuries in test cricket with the help of his mastery on pull shot and square drives as well.

Ponting on a one hand is seen as a one of the greatest captain whereas on the other hand he is considered as a fiery and aggressive batter who loves to play in the pressure situation, as his best comes out against the odds.

Moreover, Ricky Ponting’s greatness in terms of his batting skills led him to score 9 double hundreds out of 168 test matches with an commendable average of 51.85 and 13,378 test runs. These outstanding numbers speaks itself what kind of player Ponting was during his time.

10) Sachin Tendulkar – 6 Double Hundreds

sachin tendulkar 200s runs in test cricket.

Last of course not the least, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar the god of cricket cannot miss a record especially when it is a about his favorite format, test cricket. The lad has literally owned most of the test and ODI record and set them so high that a player like Virat Kohli is finding it tough to break it.

Furthermore, Sachin Tendulkar has played exactly 200 test matches in his career between 1989-2013 and ended up thrashing 6 double centuries. Sachin’s record of 51 test century is yet to be broken by a player till now in test cricket, and currently it seems to be unbreakable by any batsman.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many double centuries Virat Kohli made in Test?

Former Indian test captain, Virat Kohli has played 113 test game in which he made 7 double centuries in test cricket.

How many Double centuries Joe Root scored in Test cricket?

England's one of the best test batsman, Joe Root currently scored 5 double centuries by playing 140 test games in his career as of now.

How many centuries does Kane Williamson has made in test cricket?

The gentleman of the cricket, Kane WIlliamson played total 200 test games so far in his career, and scored 32 test centuries and currently ahead in the list of FAB 4 as well.


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