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5 Best Cricket Batting Tips For Beginners In 2024

We all know that, with the time everything changes and evolves into a completely new different form, same implies to our beloved sport, cricket. Earlier, a batsman used to take at-least 10-15 balls before going for any big or lofted shot, but nowadays the story has been completely changed.

We oftentimes see a player smashing boundaries and big sixes from the first few initial deliveries of their inning without taking much time to settle, thus this revolution in batting needs to be learn by young players out there in order to survive in this modern era of cricket.

Therefore, these are some of the best cricket batting tips for beginners which will definitely help you in scoring more amount of runs with confidence, skill, and class.

Top 10 Cricket Batting Tips For Beginners

1) The Perfect Batting Grip

Cricket tip and batting grip.

The most important and fundamental tip a cricket beginner can have, is to learning to holding your bat perfectly. Always make sure, to hold your bat with V form grip as it is the best and perfect batting grip which most of the international players use.

In the above image you can see how to grab the bat with the v-shape grip in order to play all kind of cricket shots. Off course, at first you will not be comfortable but with the time your mind and body will adapt it and you will notice the amount of classy and variety of shots you can play with this V-shape batting grip.

2) Mastering the Foot work

Learn how to master front foot and back foot movement.

The second most important cricket batting tips, is to mastering your front and back foot movement in the crease, because it dictates how you are going to approach your next delivery of the bowler.

The best way to master the footwork is, by doing the constant drills of front foot  and back foot drives, and defence by putting some cones In front of you and hitting them one by one. And another way is, by doing the shadow practice by just holding your bat and imagining a bowler bowling to you.

Moreover, you can also watch the test cricket and observe how the international batsmen play and use their footwork according to different line and length of the ball.

3) Stable Head Position 

stable head position in cricket batting tip.

Imagine what will happen if a batsman plays a delivery while his/her head position is falling forward or in a unstable position? It will certainly lead to miss judgement of the ball and ultimately you will not be able to play to your full potential.

Moreover, you can also notice by yourself on T.V while watching a match that most of the international cricketers has mastered to maintain a stable head position while playing a bowler.

Thus, Always make sure before every ball to adjust your head position and avoid it to fall forward till it becomes habit for you. It is one of the most underrated cricket batting tip for beginners where they do not much focus on it.

4) Avoid Playing With Cross Bat

Importance of playing with straight bat.

Being a beginner or intermediate level cricket player, I can understand the urge to play the horizontal or unorthodox shot but you have to understand that it is not that important if you want to play a big inning or to become a great batsman.

All the shots such Sweep, Reverse Sweep, scoop, or playing flick in response to off stump or middle stump ball is not a wise thing to do on the field, because it carries high risk and low reward. Therefore, the best thing to do is, playing with straight bat without trying much fancy shots.

Moreover, If you are playing a T20 game then it is understandable to go with such unorthodox batting shots but in a 50 Over or test cricket you don’t need to adopt these kind of shots in your batting inventory.

5) Play Tons of Practice Matches

Pro cricket batting tip for begginers.

This one is a pro cricket batting tip which you certainly don’t want to miss it. Oftentime most of the young and beginner cricket players spends their most of the time in nourishing their batting skills in nets instead of playing in a open ground with all the fielders, yes I am talking about Playing practice matches.

Now, I am not saying you to completely abandon your nets batting sessions, but you’ve got to shift your focus more on playing practice cricket games more because it will give you the actual feeling and pressure which a real match offers to you.

During the nets session, you might not take your wicket as much serious as you will take it in a practice match in a ground with full of fielders. You will also find some of your negative points as you play more and more practice games, but that’s the chance to make it correct and become the best in the field.


How to become best batsman in cricket?

In order to become best in a competitive sports like cricket, you will require a lot of hard work, sacrifices, and a bit of luck as well. You have to shift your entire focus and energy on cricket only if you want to become the best in it.

How to hit long sixes in cricket?

The best tip for you to hit long sixes is to, practice to increase your bat speed and aim to middle the ball in the sweet spot of the bat, and a bit of strength training as well.


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