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Top 10 Fittest Cricketers In The World [Kohli Ranks #1]

We all know, how important role fitness plays in a sportsperson career regardless of whatever sport he/she playing. Similarly in cricket, if a player wants to play all three formats consistently on international level, he has to be disciplined and dedicated towards his fitness. In modern day cricket, almost everyone is aware about the significance of being fit on the field. However, there are few cricketers in world cricket, who falls in the category of fittest cricketers in the world because of their strict diet and workout plans which they do on the regular basis.

To those who might think that being able to score runs is enough instead of being fit in cricket field, see nowadays every team has a specific criteria to calculate a player’s fitness level be it domestic or international cricket. One of the most popular fitness test is the yo-yo test which dictates the ability of cricketer to handle the amount of endurance and stamina on the field.

Therefore, we will going to see the top 10 fittest cricketers in the world on the basis of their fitness level and overall performance they put in during the match.

10 Most Fittest Cricket Players In The World

1) Virat Kohli – India’s Fittest Cricketer

Virat kohli is the world's fittest cricket player.

The run machine King Kohli has claimed the title of being the fittest cricketer in the world for his outstanding dedication and hardwork which he puts in his gym and diet. Virat Kohli’s Fitness has played a vital role in his career which led him to conquer all three formats of the game by playing consistently for India without getting injured frequently.

In the recent yoyo test conducted by BCCI, Virat Kohli scored 17.6 points at the age of 35 years whereas some young cricketers find difficult to even pass the test. However, Apart from his strict diet Virat enjoys the famous chole-bhature of Delhi where has grown in his early days.

2) Jonny Bairstow 

England's jonny bairstow is second fittest cricketer in world.

English wicket keeper batter, Jonny Bairstow is setting the example for all the young cricketers out there at the age of 34, as he recently scored 21.8 points in the yo-yo test which was conducted by ECB and became the 2nd most fittest cricket player of the world. The 5.10 feet long and muscular physique of Bairstow helps him play Test, ODI and T20I format for England consistently.

Furthermore, if you want to witness his fitness standards then I will suggest you to watch his running between the wickets while batting, you will be surprised that he is equally fast as Virat Kohli despite having a pretty muscular and bulky body.

3) Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra jadeja is the India's fittest cricketer.

We cannot forget all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja when there is a talk going about fitness. I think you are pretty much familiar with his rocket arm throw and phenomenal high catches which he oftentime takes in almost every match. His top class fielding and being able to play every format of the game for India is the result of his exceptional fitness levels.

Moreover, Jadeja does not share much about his fitness life on social media and in interviews as well but looking at his current physique we can surely say that, he is quite disciplined when it comes to fitness and the food which he eats to remain in toned body throughout the year.

4) Mitchell Starc

Mitchell starc is the fittest australian cricket player.

Australian all time great fast bowler, Mitchell Starc ranks on 4th place in terms of being the fittest cricket player in the world because of his continuous ability to represent Australia in White and red ball cricket from last one decade without loosing his pace and accuracy in the bowling.

Mitchell Starc is someone who prioritizes his fitness more than the money, that’s the reason he was not participating in the IPL in order to maintain himself fit to play for his nation. At the age of 33 years, the 6.6ft tall cricketer Mitchell Starc actively working out to improve his endurance level in the gym along with calorie deficit diet to remain slim.

5) Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes is known as world's fittest cricket player.

Have you ever seen a bowler, who bowls to a batsman and batter score a shot which goes near to the boundary and the bowler himself goes to stop that bowl that too in long-off fielding position! Well if you didn’t then you should watch the video where Ben Stokes did this job against West Indies batsman Blackwood in a test match.

His athletic body and top class physique is something which he deliberately trains by smashing the gym hours and hours. To be able to become the one the best all-rounder of modern day cricket, Ben Stokes has to keep himself as worlds fittest cricketer in order to remain in that position.

6) David Warner

David the fittest cricket player of world.

Aussie iconic opener, David Warner gives his absolute best for Australia be it test cricket, One day or T20 format by following a structured diet plan and 2 hours of gym training everyday. In order to survive in 5 day long format of test cricket, He never compromises his fitness so that he can deliver some impactful and match winning performance for his country.

Moreover, 38 year old lad is now decided to take retirement from test cricket in 2024 while playing his last series against Pakistan. David Warner certainly deserves a appreciation as he constantly represented Australia from 2011 to 2024 without having any major injuries in his career, this proves his fitness dedication to his favorite sport.

7) Faf Du Plessis

The oldest current cricketer to be in the list of top 10 fittest cricketer in the world, Former South African batsman Faf Du Plessis has turned 39 years but still he refused to become a mediocre. His running between the wickets and diving catches and fielding is still used as example in the younger generation of cricketers.

However, Faf Du Plessis is not part of South African national team yet he his maintaining his fitness on same level to play league cricket, like IPL. Moreover, His physical condition is just a reflection of his mental discipline which he carries out with himself on and off the field.

8) Hardik Pandya

Indian star all-rounder, Hardik Pandya is someone who loves to being in the gym, probably second most after the Virat Kohli. Hardik’s fast metabolism helps him to maintain a slim-ripped body along with his well planned diet to push harder on the ground. Being a fast bowler and middle order batter, Hardik Pandya has worked really hard in early days of his career to achieve it.

However, From recent years Hardik has been suffering from constant injuries earlier it was a back injury and now he is taking rest to recover from his elbow injury.

9) Pat Cummins

The world cup, WTC, and Ashes winning captain of Australia also makes his name in the list of top 10 fittest cricketers in the world as he is leading the Australian side in all three forms of cricket with his captaincy tactics by remaining one of the fittest cricketer. The interesting thing is, Pat Cummins follows a vegetarian diet and make sure to deliver.

10) Trent Boult

The left arm fast bowler of New Zealand might surprise you, but yes Trent Boult comes among the fittest cricketers of world as he is playing for New Zealand in Red and White ball format from very long time. Moreover, his endurance level is pretty impressive on the field as he runs 4-5 KM everyday in order to maintain it.


Who is the most fittest cricketer of India?

Manish Pandey, the fittest indian cricketer.

You might get surprised, but the most fittest cricketer of India is Manish Pandey who has scored 19.2 in yo-yo fitness test, which is the highest ever by any player till now.

Who is the fittest cricketer of England?

Undoubtedly Jonny Bairstow is the current fittest cricket of England as he recently shocked everyone with his yoyo test score of 21.8

What is the favorite cheat meal of Virat Kohli?

In a interview, He said that he really enjoys Delhi's street food Chole-Bhature as his favorite cheat meal .



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