Top 10 Tallest Cricketer In India [Players With Longest Height]

Top 10 Tallest Cricketer In India [Players With Longest Height]

Almost everyone who plays sports, be it casually or in a professional field desires to have the best possible height which not only enhances their physical appearance but also helps to get a bit of extra advantage in the game.

Similarly, in cricket being a 6.2ft tall player provide your some extra perks on the field. Such as, grabbing the high catches on slip or boundary line quite effortlessly and reaching to the length of ball in only few steps makes a cricket player ahead of others. In fact, our own Indian cricket team has witnessed multiple tallest cricketer over the years.

However, India comes down the list in when it comes to the average height of males which is only 5.8ft, despite some of the tallest cricketer in India has left significant impact in cricket world with their exceptional bowling and batting abilities.

Therefore, let’s see who is the tallest Indian cricketer with the list of top 10 players.

List Of 10 Indian Cricketers With Tallest Height

1) Ishant Sharma – 6.4ft (195 cm)

Ishant sharma is the tallest cricketer of india

Indian lethal fast bowler Ishant Sharma is the tallest indian cricketer who played for India, prominently in test cricket with the height of 6.4ft.

Ishant Sharma seems like bowling from the first floor as his height creates a illusion in the batsmen’s mind which sometimes becomes unpredictable for the batters to judge the length and height of the ball.

Coming from Delhi, Ishant Sharma established himself as one of the best in test cricket where he took 311 wickets in 105 test matches in his career till now.

His 6.4ft height proved biggest asset of his bowling which helps him to generate extra bounce and pace especially on the Indian wickets which is usually low in bounce.

2) Ravichandran Ashwin – 6.2ft (188 cm)

Ravi Ashwin is the 2nd tallest indian cricket player.

The man who is ruling the spin bowling in test cricket from last one decade, Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin captures the 2nd place in terms of being the tallest cricketer of India by having the height of 6.2ft which helps him to generate some extra rotation of ball in the air.

Furthermore, majority of the spin bowlers does not cross the height of 6ft in the world, whereas Ravi Ashwin who comes from Chennai, India, became the all time best off spinner not only for India but in the world as well with 489 wickets in 94 test games as of now in 2024.

3) Arshdeep Singh – 6.1ft (185 cm)

Arshdeep Singh is the 3rd longest height indian player.

India’s new death overs specialist with multiple bowling variations, Arshdeep Singh is not far behind when it comes to being tallest cricketer of India.

Because of his genetics Arshdeep is standing 6.1ft tall in the Indian dressing room and dominating in the white ball cricket with his slower bouncers and swing deliveries.

The special thing about Arshdeep Singh is that, he is the only tallest Indian cricket player is a left-arm fast bowler which makes him a bit more tougher and dangerous for opponent right handed batters to face him.

Moreover, Indian management is looking to nourish and make him a better white ball bowler as he has picked 59 wickets in 42 T20I matches for India.

4) Washington Sundar – 6.1ft (185 cm)

Spinner washington sundar is known as 4th most tallest cricket player.

Yet another off spinner all-rounder from Chennai, who played a significant role in the victory of BGT of 2021. We are talking about Washington Sundar who has been missing out the international matches for India due to some injury concerns.

However, Washington Sundar’s 6.1ft towering height plays equal role in his batting and bowling performances.

Sundar is someone who can play sweep and pull shots quite easily because he picks and judges the ball quite early and rest of the work is done by his long legs in order to generate extra power.

Talking about his bowling, it is very economical as he hardly gives 5-6 runs in ODI and T20 cricket by putting constant pressure on them by not giving room for big and attacking shots.

5) Deepak Hooda – 6.1ft (185 cm)

Deepak Hooda is the 5th indian player with tallest height.

One of the Indian batsman who has the T20I century, Deepak Hooda ranks on 5th position in the list of tallest cricketer India as he is 6.1ft tall who comes from Rajasthan, India.

Deepak Hooda was a bit surprising for me because if we look at him in the live matches then he does not seems a person who can be tall as 6.1ft. 

Moreover, Because of his long height he can easily reach to the pitch the ball against spinners, which is the reason we see him as a monstrous batter against spin bowler where he just smashes sixes 95-100 metre long.

Apart from his batting, He is wonderful boundary line fielder as well who uses his height effectively when it comes to grab the high catches. 

6) Axar Patel – 6.0ft (182 cm)

India's 6th most height cricket player.

Along with Ravindra Jadeja, Axar Patel is the only left arm spinner who has been the regular part of the Indian dressing room from recent years in all three formats.

Due to 6.0ft tall height, his high-arm deliveries sometimes becomes hard for a batsmen to face and judge the level of spin.

Axar Patel height certainly gives advantage to his batting as well, he saved India on many occasion in test cricket while batting at lower order by scoring some 60-70s with impressive strike rate.

Similarly like Hooda, Axar Patel also uses his feets effectively against the spinners by capitalizing advantage of his height he easily sends the ball into stands.

7) Hardik Pandya – 6.0ft (182 cm)

Hardik Pandya is 7th tallest cricketer of india

The newly appointed captain of Mumbai Indians, Hardik Pandya is always been the first choice of Indian cricket to go with him in the playing 11 if he is available and not suffering from any injury.

We all know how much importance Hardik brings out in the team with his exceptional power hitting batting at lower the order and wicket-taking ability in the slog overs.

The prominent Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya is ranked as 7th tallest Indian cricket player as he stands 6.0ft tall which is 182 cm which surely helps him during the field, especially in making the run outs and stopping the ball with his long strides.

Moreover, his short of length deliveries also generates sometimes steep bounce which becomes unpredictable for batter to play against him.

8) Umesh Yadav – 5.11ft (180 cm)

Umesh Yadav is 8th most tallest cricketer at present in India.

India’s own speed gun, Umesh Yadav certainly was one of the fastest bowler yet he was able to bowl in-swinging deliveries consistently back in the days for India in test format.

unarguably his 5.11ft long height played vital role to become a successful bowler of test format where he picked 170 wickets in 57 test matches.

Furthermore, the bowling action of Umesh Yadav allows him to generate sufficient amount of pace but his his 5.11ft height puts cherry on the top to his overall bowling performance and pace.

He used to constantly click 145 plus kmph during his peak years in test cricket but now he is finding difficulty to even make his place in Indian test squad.

9) KL Rahul – 5.11ft (180 cm)

Indian classy and elegant batter KL Rahul also comes down in the list of tallest Indian cricketers with the height of 5.11ft long which makes him to do catch some unbelievable catches behind the wicket in the wicket-keeping gloves.

In the recent ODI world of 2023, KL Rahul gained a lot of appreciation for his long diving saves and catches in his wicket keeping, which becomes possible because of his long height.

10) Deepak Chahar – 5.10ft (177 cm)

The man who nourished himself under the MS.Dhoni and established himself as finest swing bowler of India in white ball cricket who can bowl both in-swing and out-swing deliveries with same level of accuracy.

Deepak Chahar does not have similar height to Ishant Sharma or Arshdeep Singh, Yet he is equally impactful when it comes to pick the important wickets of opposition team.

Deepak Chahar comes from Rajasthan with the height of 5.10ft long which is not too big to get extra advantage. However, Deepak Chahar is facing the hamstring injury from last 2 years which resulted his place in-and-out in the Indian team.

He surely has the ability to pick up his old bowling rhythm and to become prominent T20I bowler for India in upcoming big tournaments.


Who is the tallest cricket player in the World?

Pakistani former bowler, Mohammad Irfan holds the title of being the tallest cricket player of the world with the height of 7.1ft (216 cm).

Who is the tallest current Indian batsman?

The young Deepak Hooda is the tallest Indian batter from current team with the towering height of 6.2ft (185 cm).


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