The Run Machine Of Cricket [Who Owns The Modern Day Cricket?]

The Run Machine Of Cricket [Who Owns The Modern Day Cricket?]

Probably one of the most heard term in recent times in cricket is, who is the run machine of cricket? Well the answer might vary according to the different format like in test cricket we can say Steve Smith is currently holding his place as best, whereas in ODI cricket Virat Kohli, Babar Azam, David Warner and Kane Williamson are the contenders and In the T20I format currently Suryakumar Yadav is ruling with his exceptional performances.

But here the question arises, who is that one player who dominates all these three formats of cricket and the one who does, certainly deserves to be claim the title of Run Machine of Cricket.

By looking at the stats in all three formats in international cricket we can say that India’s handsome lad Virat Kohli is the run machine of cricket as he his way ahead of all other contenders in every format of this game in terms of scoring tons of runs, half centuries, and centuries that too on different soils like Australia, South Africa, New-Zealand, and England.

Why Virat Kohli Is Known As Run Machine In Cricket?

See, we all know everyone scores tons of runs in cricket in their career and many of them also holds couple of ICC trophies as well. Then you might be wondering on what basis does Indian cricketer Virat Kohli popularly known as ‘Run Machine of Cricket‘? what different things he has done in order to claim that title? Let me remember you some of his crazy stats.

1) Virat Kohli In IPL 

Virat Kohli is known as IPL run machine.

The IPL has been started in 2008 and till now 16 seasons have been played and you will all know that players from all around the world plays this league including some aliens batters like ABD, Gayle, McCullum, and many more have been part of this journey, But the record for most runs in a single season is still held by none other than Virat Kohli when he scored 973 runs in 14 matches.

Furthermore, His performance has always been top class in the IPL when it comes to contribute to the team’s score. This clearly proves that Virat Kohli has dominated the IPL whenever he played for the RCB, except those 1-2 years of his rough phase.

Till now in 2024, Virat Kohli has scored 7,043 runs in 233 IPL games with the at the average of 36.40. He is also miles ahead than Shikhar Dhawan, David Warner and any other batter in terms of most runs in the history of IPL.

2) Virat Kohli In ODI Cricket

Virat Kohli the ODI cricket run machine.

Probably one of the greatest ever to play in the ODI format, Virat Kohli has another reason why he is considered as run machine of modern day cricket is because of his phenomenal number in 50-over format cricket. We always used to thought that Sachin Tendulkar’s 50 centuries in ODI will be next to impossible for anyone to break.

But there was a guy from Delhi who came with the dream of ruling the world cricket achieved this impossible record of 50 ODI hundreds in only 292 matches, on other hand Sachin Tendulkar took 463 ODI matches in order to do the same task.

Not only 50 hundreds, Virat Kohli now standing behind the Master Blaster to break his record of most odi runs as well. Out of 292 matches Kohli smashed 13,848 runs with the average of 58.67, where other players even struggle to maintain their average above 40.

Now, I don’t’ think anyone is even near the Kohli in ODI format as well by looking at his stats. Therefore, we can say that Virat Kohli is operating in his own league and competition.

3) Virat Kohli In Test Cricket

The run machine of test cricket is virat Kohli.

Now this is a interesting aspect to be talk, there is debate going on from the last couple of years between the Australian start batter Steven Smith and Virat Kohli regarding who is the best in test cricket format. Here I personally think, that Virat Kohli is bit behind than Steve Smith in many aspects like his batting average, total test runs, and in terms of scoring most test hundreds as well.

As I said before, a player who dominates all three formats should be called as run machine of cricket and if you look at the Virat Kohli’s numbers in Test format then it is quite clear that he is the second best test batter of this generation after Steven Smith. As of now when I am writing this, King Kohli has made 8,676 runs in 111 test matches with the average of 49.29 along with 29 hundreds.

4) Run Machine Virat Kohli In T20I

The domination of Run machine Virat Kohli in T20I.

Many people used to criticize him for not having a T20I century in his career, but he choose the perfect way to shut the mouth of all those critics by not only scoring his maiden T20I century against Afghanistan in 2022 but also played a knock to remember for the ages against the Pakistan in 2022 T20 world cup by scoring 82* in 52 balls.

Now I guess you got to know the reason behind everyone calls Virat Kohli the run machine of cricket, not only because of his achievements but performing at the big occasion consistently for India. Virat contribution is something that no Indian fan forget no matter if he is hater of him.

Future Contenders Who Can Become Run Machine Of Cricket 

Till the Virat Kohli took retirement from his beloved sport, I don’t think anyone can steal this iconic title from him. But certainly the day will come when he will took retirement from International cricket, then who will claim this tag from him?

I guess there are plenty of names that we can discuss about, but at present looking at the current scenario in world cricket there are few players like Shubman Gill from India, Harry Brook from England, and Babar Azam from Pakistan are some of the players who plays all three format for their respective teams and can become a big name in upcoming years and who know the title of run machine of cricket might go to one of these.

Who is the run machine of Cricket?

India's Virat Kohli is known as the run machine of cricket for his numerous records in all three formats of the game from last 6-7 years.

Why Virat is called as Run Machine of Cricket?

Because Virat Kohli rules and dominates the ODI, Test, T20I and IPL as well with his flawless and classy batting. He is consistently scoring tons of runs for India against all the major teams like Australia, New-zealand, England and South -Africa.

Virat Kohli total runs in test cricket?

As of now, Virat Kohli has scored 8,676 runs by playing 111 test matches which also includes 29 hundreds as well.

How many centuries Virat Kohli has made in Test cricket?

Virat Kohli has made 29 test centuries in his 111 test games which he has played till now. He is just 3-hundreds behind than Australian batter Steve Smith.



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