10 Most Handsome cricketer in India [Top Good Looking Cricketers]

10 Most Handsome cricketer in India [Top Good Looking Cricketers]

There are many cricket fans who does not that much about cricket but still they watch it so that they can see their favorite handsome Indian cricket players, and there is nothing wrong about it because Indian cricketers are actually pretty handsome which you can’t take your eyes off from them. On the top of that, cricketers sometimes looks more stylish and cute than some of the bollywood movie starts of India.

However, it is quite tough for any cricket player to manage his looks and grooming along with their duty which they do almost all of the time in the year. Therefore, let’s take an eye to the top 10 most handsome cricketer in India and let me know in the comments if I missed someone which I shouldn’t.

10 Most Handsome Indian Cricketer

1) Virat Kohli 

Virat Kohli is the most handsome indian cricket player.

Well I think, most of you guys already knew who would be our most handsome indian cricketer, Yes it is none other than heart of Indian cricket Virat Kohli who is crowd favorite not only because of his exceptional batting but also for his dashing and stylish looks.

Virat Kohli is always been trendsetter among the youth of India when it comes to stylish haircuts and well groom bread. If you ever ask any Indian girl follows cricket about her favorite stylish and handsome player then most of the times the answer would be Virat Kohli as he has established his name amazingly well in terms of his game and fashion.

However, you all know that Virat is India’s number one when it comes to handsome and good looking player, what if I tell you that he also ranks on top of the list of worlds most handsome cricketer 

2) KL-Rahul

The second most handsome player after Virat Kohli is Indian wicket-keeper and opening batter Kl Rahul who born in Bengaluru, Karnataka in 1992. Kl Rahul has been pretty active on and off-field, especially on Instagram where he oftentimes post his aesthetic photos which makes every girl crazy for his beard look.

Rahul’s personality has always been calm and composed which adds the extra layer to his cuteness along with his oval face shape and full grown beard. Moreover, the handsome lad Kl Rahul has been recently married with bollywood actress Athiya Shetty which might broke your heart if you are a girl-fan of Kl Rahul.

3) Manish Pandey

Manish Pandey is the 3rd most indian handsome cricketer.

One of the most underrated batsman of Indian cricket despite scoring a century in Australia in ODI cricket, Manish Pandey inclusion in this list might shock some of you but he certainly deserves to be in the list of most handsome cricketer in India for his small little mysterious and his well maintained beard look.

If you closely follow cricket, then you might know how stylish and dashing Manish Pandey looks when he plays Indian premier league. There was a time when he was being compared to Virat Kohli in terms of most handsome indian cricketer but later on due to his exclusion from Indian team everyone started to forget him.

4) Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas Iyer is the cutest and stylish Indian cricket player.

Mumbai boy, Shreyas Iyer is delivering some terrific performances in ongoing ODI world cup 2023 and also killing his fangirls with his constant stylish looks. The 28 year old Shreyas is focusing quite well on his fashion sense from last 2-3 years and established his name in the list of handsome cricketer of India.

Shreyas was fond of new attractive hairstyles from his early years of IPL debut and can be seen in different hair colors. From all of his interviews and Social media activity we can say that he is single from last couple of years, but looking at his growth of attractiveness the day is not ahead when he will tie the knot of his marriage.

5) Shubman Gill

Shubman Gill is considered as one of the best handsome indian cricket player.

The rising star of Indian cricket who has impressed everyone with his performance in all three formats in last 3 years, Shubman Gill enters as youngest player to be in the list of most handsome cricket player of India. The 6-foot tall lad, Shubman Gill became another favorite player of fangirls in terms of dashing and hot personality.

Born in 1999 in Punjab, Shubman Gill has been constantly surrounded with media rumours about his relationship with Sara Tendulkar, who is the daughter of Sachin Tendulkar. Moreover, He is quite active on Instagram and regularly keeps updating his fans by posting some attractive photos.

6) Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja is mostly famous for his rocket-arm throw and for his mind-blowing fielding, but he is equally famous for his Rajputana look with the long beard and mustache. The charismatic personality of Jadeja which keeps changing with his well groomed beard which he often presents in different ways certainly helped him to gain popularity.

Furthermore, Jadeja’s fitness is one of the main reason behind his attractive and toned physique which keeps him in the limelight be it on the field or any media appearance. Jadeja is only someone who regularly give updates to his fans through social media regarding his life and obviously by posting some stylish images.

7) Devdutt Padikkal 

I think there is something inbuilt which comes in every player who comes from Karnataka, Yet another batsman from Karnataka,  Devdutt Padikkal became the favorite handsome player of many Indian fans the day when he entered in IPL when RCB gave the chance in 2019.

Devdutt Padikkal not only became a promising Indian cricketer from last 3-4 years but also well known for his cute and innocent personality. His innocence and cuteness makes him more attractive along with his handsome face. Therefore, Padikkal ranks on 7th place in terms of most handsome cricketer in India.

8) Hardik Pandya

Hardik pandya is India's best stylish crickter

All rounder Hardik Pandya might not have the best glowing face among all Indian players but certainly he has quite good fashion sense. You will always going to notice Hardik Pandya wearing expensive watch, clothes, Spects and Jewellery along with his intense personality which looks like an personality of a hollywood actor.

Hardik Pandya was born in Gujarat and his early days of cricket he did not even has enough money to eat food and now he has established himself as one of the finest Indian cricketer and of course stylish and Handsome player as well because of his continuous hard work.

9) Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Swing king of Indian bowling unit, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the only bowler to feature in the list of most handsome cricketer in India and he definitely deserves this spot as he has the well-defined and chiseled features that contributes to his overall attractiveness.

Born in Uttar Pradesh in 1990, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is someone who does his work on the field silently and remains calm irrespective of the situation makes him more attractive. Moreover, Bhuvneshwar Kumar always consider to remain with well-groomed beard with his symmetrical face shape.

10) Suryakumar Yadav

Suryakumar yadav is the most stylish and handsome player of india

The last but not the least, Suryakumar Yadav who recently became India’s prominent T20I player has attracted many female fan following because of his positive attitude and beard look. Nevertheless, SKY is someone who seems equally handsome in both clean and beard look.

Suryakumar Yadav has a few tattoos that add to his unique style. These inked expressions often provide a glimpse into his personality and interests, contributing to his overall cool and contemporary image.

Frequently Asked Question 

Who is the most handsome Indian cricketer?

Undoubtedly, King Kohli is the most handsome Indian cricketer because of his aggressive and charismatic personality at the same time. His fashion is considered as one of the best in the entire Indian squad which makes him more attractive.

Which Indian bowler is the most handsome and good looking?

Indian medium pacer, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has all the features which makes him the most handsome bowler of Indian cricket. His well groomed beard with calm and composed personality might be the reason behind his attractiveness.