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Top 10 Biggest Cricket Stadium In India

What’s the best way to enjoy the surreal experience of a cricket match? probably by watching a cricket match live in the cricket stadium, it becomes a lot easier in a country like India where total 53 international cricket stadium can be found along with some biggest cricket stadium of India. Now suppose for a moment that, if you get a chance to watch a match between India and Australia in which ground will you choose to watch? A stadium with the seating capacity of 20-30k spectators or a stadium where 80-100k people can watch a single match? Obviously you would go for the second one.

Moreover, Narendra Modi cricket ground which is situated in the Ahemdabad, Gujarat, is the biggest cricket stadium in India with the seating capacity of 1,32,000 people which is the perfect place for any cricket fan to witness the wonderful experience of live cricket match, especially some of the high voltage matches like Ind vs Aus. 

The seating capacity of a cricket ground plays a vital role in order to provide a memorable experience to the fans. You might be curious to know about some of the largest cricket grounds in India. Therefore, let’s take a look on biggest cricket ground in india on the basis of seating capacity not the boundary length.

List Of Top 10 Biggest Cricket Ground In India

1) Narendra Modi Stadium – 1,32,000 Capacity

Not only India’s but it is the world’s biggest cricket stadium, earlier it used to know as Motera stadium but later it was renamed in the honour of current Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. The stadium was built with the 5 years of hard work with the estimated budget of around $100 Million dollar, hence it ranks on 1st place in the list of largest cricket ground in India.

Narendra Modi stadium has not only the highest spectator capacity of 1.32 lakh people but also has amazing structural stands with mesmerizing colors. Furthermore, the first ever international match on this ground was played between India and England which was a day-night test game on 24th february 2021.

Unarguably, it is the best cricket ground of India where you will never want to miss a match. The atmosphere this ground provides during a match is absolutely phenomenal, especially a knockout game like IPL 2023 final.

2) Eden Gardens – 66,000 Capacity

brief overview about the 2ng biggest cricket ground of India.

Eden Gardens is the yet another ground where you should not miss a chance to watch a cricket match. This ground is located in Kolkata with the overall spectator capacity of 66,000 fans. The stadium was built in 1864 by the governor general Lord Auckland and it was named on behalf of his two Eden sisters. Therefore, it features on 2nd spot in the list of biggest cricket stadium of India.

Furthermore, among all the Indian cricket stadiums only Eden Gardens has the best drainage facility with amazing ground staff as well. It is said that, if rain comes in Eden Gardens stadium then it only takes around 10-15 minutes to make it ready for the play.It is also known as the oldest cricket ground of India.

Eden Gardens is always considered as the top priority for BCCI to conduct any type of high voltage match. Be it 1996 world cup semi final between Ind and SL or 2016 t20 world cup final between Eng vs WI. Moreover, talking about it’s first international match was held between India and England which was a test game.

3) Raipur Cricket Stadium – 65,000 Capacity

In my personal opinion, I consider this one as one of the most underrated cricket ground of India as it does not get enough limelight like other ones despite having such an amazing stadium with the capacity of 65,000 people for every game. If you closely look at the structure of this ground you will realize it is similar to Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi stadium.

The actual name of this ground is Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh international cricket stadium which is situated in Nava Raipur, Chhattisgarh, which was built in year 2008 with the overall cost of 145 crore. It is also the third largest cricket ground in India and the first international match on this ground was held in January 2023 between India and New Zealand.

4) Rajiv Gandhi Stadium – 55,000 Capacity

Brief overview of Rajiv Gandhi International cricket ground of India.

One of the best cricket ground of south India, Rajiv Gandhi international cricket stadium stands on 4th place in the list of top 10 biggest cricket stadium in India which is located in the city of Hyderabad with impressive audience capacity of 55,000 people. It was established exactly 20 years ago in 2003 by the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Y.S Rajasekhara Reddy.

However, being a such a great venue for international cricket Rajiv Gandhi stadium did not hosted enough international games of India, though lately BCCI has started giving importance to this ground as it will host its first ever world cup match in october 2023. Furthermore, it is also the homeground of a IPL team Sunrisers Hyderabad.

5) DY Patil Stadium – 55,000 Capacity

Mumbai based ground DY Patil stadium ranks as 5th largest cricket ground of India which was built in 2008 when the first IPL season took off. It’s a multi-purpose ground where it conducts football matches and music concert along with cricket as primary use. The idea behind this large cricket ground with capacity of 55,000 fans was to host the matches for IPL franchise Mumbai Indians.

However, the situation of DY Patil stadium is similar to Raipur international cricket ground in terms of hosting the sufficient amount of international games in a year. Moreover, Mumbai has already Wankhede Stadium which is considered as world’s most iconic ground. Therefore, it becomes tough for DY Patil ground to get enough international matches to host.

6) Greenfield International Stadium – 55,000 Capacity

It is the greenfield international cricket ground of kerala.

Kerala might be one of the smallest states in the country, but when it comes to producing big players and cricket grounds it is far ahead as it has the 6th biggest cricket stadium in India which has the maximum seating volume for 55,000 people. The ground is located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, and beared the cost of 390 crores to make this beautiful stadium.

Earlier in January 2023, it got the chance to host a ODI game after couple of years which was played between India and Sri Lanka. Moreover, the pitch of Greenfield International Stadium is quite favorable for both batsman and bowlers. It was the same ground where India got the it’s highest ODI defeat as they bowled out the entire Sri Lankan team at 73 runs while chasing 317 runs.

7) Ekana Cricket Stadium – 50,000 Capacity

This is about the 7th largest cricket stadium of India.

Yet another breathtaking ground, situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh with pretty huge budget of INR 360 Crores which laid its foundation stone in year 2014 by a private and public ownership between Ekana Sports city and Lucknow Development Authority with spectator volume of 50,000 people. Therefore, it makes it 7th biggest cricket stadium in India.

Talking about its importance in terms of holding international matches, Ekana Cricket Stadium is one of those stadiums which got the chance of holding ODI world cup matches. There will be 6-world cup games where teams like Australia, South Africa, India, New-Zealand will be in the action. It is also the homeground of IPL franchise ‘Lucknow Supergiants’.

8) JSCA International Stadium – 50,000 Capacity

The JSCA International Stadium Complex, situated in Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand, India, it works as a testament to the state’s growing prominence in the world of cricket. Named after the Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA), this modern sporting facility has become a prominent venue for both domestic and international cricket matches which was built in 2011.

The stadium is also known as the homeground of Indian iconic captain MS. Dhoni which offers 50,000 spectators to watch a match. There was a interested thing which kept in mind during the construction of this ground is, that not even a single shadow should come on all 5 pitches before 4:30 PM to avoid any kind of distraction during the game for players.

9) Vidarbha Cricket Stadium – 45,000 Capacity

This is one quite special as some of the great cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, and Shane Warne have praised the Vidarbha Cricket Association ground for its long boundaries, where the length of square boundary of VCA stadium is 84 meters and straight is 80 meter long. The stadium offers 45,000 people to experience the live action of cricket.

Furthermore, most of the bowlers would love to bowl here as it will give the extra advantage for them to bowl freely. This huge VCA stadium is located in Nagpur, Maharashtra and over the years it has become a great venue for test matches. The last international match played on VCA ground is between India and Australia in February 2023 for a five day test match.

10) Feroz Shah Kotla  – 41,842 Capacity

The arun jaitley cricket ground is the 10th largest cricket ground of India.

Our last ground in the list of biggest cricket stadium in India ends with ‘Feroz Shah Kotla ground’ which is also known as Arun Jaitley Stadium was built way back in year 1882 and located in the capital of India, Delhi. The stadium comes under the Delhi & district cricket association and plays a major role in organizing the white ball matches of Indian cricket team.

In 2017, Arun Jaitley stadium has to face severe criticism when the test match was been halted for 15 min due to heavy smog on the field because of Delhi’s high pollution. Many Sri Lankan players were seen vomiting because of lack of breath and severe pollution, same incident happened with Indian fast bowler Mohammad Shami as well.

However, this ground holds special place in the heart of people of Delhi as this is the only stadium where they can watch their local boy Virat Kohli in the action during international cricket as well as the IPL games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stadium has the longest boundary length?

Vidarbha Cricket Stadium of Nagpur, has the longest boundary line. The square boundary of this ground is as big as 84 meters whereas the straight boundary is 80 meter long.

What is the seating capacity of Narendra Modi Stadium?

The biggest cricket ground of India, Narendra Modi stadium has the overall spectator capacity of 1,32,000 people which brings out a great atmosphere for the fans.

Which is the second largest cricket ground of India?

After Narendra Modi stadium, Eden Gardens holds the second place in terms of largest cricket stadium as it holds the seating capacity of 66,000 people, which is located in Kolkata.

Which is the most beautiful and stunning cricket stadium of India?

There are several cricket grounds which is quite stunning and beautiful. It includes Wankhede Stadium, Narendra Modi Stadium, Ekana cricket ground and Chinnaswamy cricket ground.


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