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Players With Most Catches In ODI

It is said that, fielding is another aspect of cricket through which any player on the field can make a big impact and contribute to the team. If a batsman or bowler face a bad day in cricket, then fielding is something which can fill their performance failure by saving couple of runs by showing a exceptional character on the field. Especially catches defines the direction of a game in cricket, sometimes it is the only difference between victory and lose. Hence, any player always tries to grab the most catches in ODI or whatever format he is playing in order to make a difference.

Moreover when it comes to the catches in one day cricket, there are countless names who is literally known for their unhuman fielding skills some examples are Brendon McCullum, Jonty Rhodes, Jadeja, ABD and many more. Therefore, let us take a look on the players with most catches in ODI.

Top 5 Players With Most Catches In ODI

1) Mahela Jayawardene – 218 Catches

mahela Jayawardene has grabbed most number of catches in odi.

One of the Sri Lankan great Mahela Jayawardene was not only known for his excellent batting display and records but also for his ability to grab the ball very effortlessly. The fact, that he has grabbed 218 catches in 418 matches in his ODI career which lasted from 1998-2015, makes him rank on top in the list of most catches in ODI.

Mahela Jayawardene certainly helped Sri Lanka to be recognise as competitive team along with India in Sub-continent by achieving many heights under his captaincy. However, Mahela Jayawardene played the most number of matches as well in one day cricket therefore he got a bit advantage of it.

2) Ricky Ponting – 160 Catches

Aussie iconic captain and batter, Ricky Ponting is mostly known for his 4-ICC trophies which he helped to add in the cabinet of Australian cricket, apart from his aggressive batting he is equally good when it comes to grabbing the stunner on the field.

The classy pull shot batter, Ricky ponting used to field on covers, long off, and point in 50 over format. In his 28 year long ODI career, Ponting successfully took 160 catches out of 375 games which is the second most by any player in the world. Moreover, I would definitely recommend you to watch his some of his one handed stunners of one day cricket.

3) Mohammad Azharuddin – 156 Catches

Mohammad Azharuddin, the former Indian cricketer, is widely celebrated for his exceptional skills on the cricket field, particularly his prowess in catching and fielding. Azharuddin’s graceful and agile movements in the field made him a standout player as he took 156 catches in 334 one day international games.

Like in today’s generation Jadeja serves as inspiration for many upcoming youngsters when it comes to fielding, similarly Azharuddin was someone who always used to set example for aspiring cricketers of India.

4) Virat Kohli – 151 Catches

Virat kohli is the only indian player who ranks in most odi catches list.

Probably the most fittest Indian cricketer at present which we can easily see in his quick and outstanding fielding abilities which he displays on the ground. Virat is considered the most safe hands in the entire Indian squad when it comes to grab the ball after Ravindra Jadeja.

As of now Virat Kohli has played 292 ODI games in which he took 151 catches which is the most by any Indian, therefore King Kohli ranks on 4th place in terms of most catches in ODI. The sole reason behind his great fielding capability is his sacrifice and disciple towards his fitness and diet which helps him to get 2 or 3 extra seconds on the field than any other player.

5) Ross Taylor – 142 Catches

New Zealand cricketer, Ross taylor features in highest catches in odi list.

New Zealand top order batter and a exceptional slip fielder, Ross Taylor who recently took retirement from one day cricket in 2022 has left his name in the list most ODI catches in history. He was most trusted and safest player when it comes to grabbing the ball, Ross Taylor was first priority of captain Kane Williamson whenever the situation is quite tensed in fielding.

Moreover, Ross Taylor has served 16 years to New Zealand cricket where he got to play 236 games and successfully collected 142 catches in his hands. Taylor’s impact on the field was not just about the dismissals he engineered but also about the confidence he instilled in his team through his fielding exploits.


Who took the most catches in ODI cricket?

Sri Lankan legend, Mahela Jayawardene was not only a class batter but also fielder who grabbed 218 catches out of 418 ODI matches, which makes him player with most odi catches.

Who has taken the most catches for India in ODI?

None other than, King Kohli has taken most catches for India in ODI, his well known athletic fielding helped him to took 151 catches in 292 One day international games.


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