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Most Stumpings In IPL History [ From 2008-2024 ]

Wicket keeping is one of the most toughest and unnoticed job of cricket which usually does not get as much appreciation as a batsman or bowler gets, especially doing crucial stumpings and grabbing catches in a pressure situation when a spin bowler is bowling. Talking about the Indian Premier League, where we have seen the many young and popular wicketkeeper who constantly has to upgrade their skills with the time in order to remain in the competition.


From 2008 to till 2024 IPL season, there were many instances where incredible work has been shown by the wicketkeepers behind the stumps, but did you know the fact that who has done the highest number of stumpings in IPL? If you don’t, then let us introduce you the top 5 wicket keepers with most stumpings in IPL history.

Top 5 Players With Most Stumpings In IPL 

1) Ms. Dhoni – 42 Stumpings

Ms dhoni with ipl stumpings

The record for having the most stumpings in IPL history goes to none other than India’s finest wicket keeper batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni, as he successfully managed to do 42 stumpings in 250 IPL matches from the start of Indian premier League. His also considered as the safest hands and the best reader of the game by standing behind the wickets.

Moreover, M.S Dhoni in the IPL 2023 final reminded everyone why he is being called the best wicket keeper, as he stumped out opener Shubman Gill in just 0.12 seconds, which also became the fastest stumping of IPL history.

2) Dinesh Karthik – 36 Stumpings

Dinesh Karthik has done 36 IPL stumpings.

Yet another incredible wicket keeper of India, Dinesh Karthik makes up his place in the list of most stumpings in IPL by doing 36 stumpings in 242 IPL matches. The fact that the Dinesh Karthik is quite close to the MSD in this list, shows the greatness and unreal wicket keeping skills of Dinesh Karthik.

Furthermore, These 36 stumpings which he did came in different jerseys throughout his IPL career. Dinesh Karthik has played in different IPL franchise such as DC, RCB, MI, KKR, PBKS, and GL but his performance behind the wickets remained same for whichever team he represented.

3) Robin Uthappa – 32 Stumpings

Robin Uthappa ranks as 3rd player in list of ipl stumpings.

All time best opener of Kolkata Knight Riders, Robin Uthappa established his name after his consistent impactful performances under the captain Gambhir where he not only emerged as KKR’s prominent attacking batsman but also as phenomenal wicket keeper.

Moreover, Robin Uthappa’s handwork is pretty quick behind the wickets as he did 32 stumpings in 205 IPL matches. He is one of the oldest wicket keeper of India who is playing at present along with Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the Chennai Super Kings.

4) Wriddhiman Saha – 24 Stumpings

saha is the 4th player to have most ipl stumpings record.

The amount of exceptional wicket keepers which India has produced in last one decade is absolutely ridiculous, as yet another lad Wriddhiman Saha joins the list of most stumpings in IPL by featuring on the 4th place.

Furthermore, Wriddhiman Saha’s height may not be the perfect one to be a keeper but his exceptional diving skills and judgement of the ball makes him a bit ahead than a average keeper. Talking about his total IPL stumpings, in 161 matches he successfully 24 stumpings.

5) Parthiv Patel – 16 Stumpings

best ipl wicket keeper and stumping,

Former iconic opener and wicket keeper of Mumbai Indians, Parthiv Patel had a really memorable career where he left his magical wicket keeping sparks in the minds of IPL fans, especially the Aamchi Mumbai fan army.

Born in Ahmedabad, Parthiv Patel played 139 IPL games where he managed to stump out 16 batters in his entire wicket keeping career in Indian Premier League.

Currently Parthiv Patel does not play any cricket league as he has been retired from international and league cricket as well, However Parthiv Patel can be seen doing the commentary for various international matches of India and Indian premier league games as well.


How many stumpings Dhoni did in IPL?

The man with fastest and safest hands as a wicket keeper, Ms Dhoni did total 42 stumpings in his IPL career.

Who is the 2nd best wicket keeper of IPL history?

By looking at the stats, undoubtedly Dinesh Karthik holds the 2nd rank in terms of best IPL wicket keeper as he has did total 169 dismissals in 242 IPL games.


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