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Virat Kohli’s Water: Pricing and Cost per Litre Revealed!

The face of world cricket at the moment with the massive fan following across the world, yes we are talking about Virat Kohli who has recently broke the record of 50 ODI centuries which was set by Sachin Tendulkar. Moreover, Virat Kohli is not only a exceptional cricketer but also a fitness enthusiasts.

Virat Kohli is quite conscious about every small thing which can affect his fitness be it his strict diet or Evian black water. We all know how quick is Virat Kohli on the ground when it comes to fielding or running between the wickets. One of the main reason behind his top notch endurance is his quality of hydration which he prefers. Let’s talk about in detail about Virat Kohli water price.

Virat Kohli Drinking Water Price

If you are curious about which water Indian cricket star Virat Kohli drinks, it is Evian Black Water, imported from the south shore of Lake Geneva in France. Evian is renowned for its mineral water, sourced from a natural spring and known for its purity. The price of Virat Kohli’s water in India is about 600 INR per litre, which is quite expensive for the average middle-class person in India to consider purchasing.

However, you might wonder what’s wrong with drinking normal mineral water and why Virat Kohli chooses black water instead. Is it an act of showmanship, or does it offer real benefits? Let’s clarify why Kohli prefers black water over regular mineral water.

Why Does Virat Kohli Drinks Evian Spring Water?

Virat Kohli drinking Evian natural spring water

As we all know he India’s heart and soul when it comes to cricket, therefore it is important for Kohli to keep himself in top most form of fitness as he plays three formats constantly for India and contributes a lot from his bat and fielding. These are some major reason behind his preference to Evian natural spring water.

  • Mineral Content : All the essential minerals including magnesium, potassium, sodium, and bicarbonate can be found in Virat kohli’s water which gives a crisp and clean taste. Whereas on the other side, Indian water is not fully filtered and lacks couple of essential mineral content.
  • Brand Value : Being a such a big celebrity icon, Virat Kohli would not want to compromise his hydration process, hence he chooses the globally famous Evains water brand as it gives authenticity and credibility about the product.
  • PH level 8.5 : The another important reason behind Virat Kohli expensive water bottle price is, it contains the PH level of 8.5 which boosts overall hydration and immune system of athlete like Virat Kohli who have the chances of being injury frequently on the field. Therefore, it also helps in to avoid cramps and injuries.
  • Toxins Free : Will you drink water which contains chemical and toxins? I don’t think so. Then how can we expect Kohli will consume normal water which contains all these harmful contents. Hence, he chooses Evains water as it is completely natural and free from all types of chemicals and toxins as it is collected from Évian-les-Bains lake, France.

Does Virat Kohli Drinks Black Water?

Now let me clear you if are confused, Black water and Evians spring water these two are completely different thing. In a interview Kohli once said, that he tried black water couple of times but I did not suited him quite well so he replaced it with the alkaline water as it is super beneficial for a athlete like Virat Kohli.

Moreover, if you ever want to consume black water then can you try Evocus black water buy spending 4000 INR in India. There are several other brands which can come in a bit cheaper as well. The best place to buy black water is from online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

Does Drinking Black Water Helps Virat Kohli In Cricket?

Kohli water price

Now, most of you guys might think that Virat Kohli drinks expensive black water just to maintain his high celebrity status or to show off to the world, but that’s not completely true.

Furthermore, the amount of time Virat Kohli spends on the cricket field and in the gym as well clearly requires good hydration levels in the body and by drinking the normal water our body does not get fully hydrated. Therefore, Virat Kohli’s black water consists all the required minerals which makes a human body fully hydrated.

Thus, yes drinking black water really helps Virat Kohli during his running between the wickets and otherwise as well in his daily life. If you have enough money, then I think it’s not a bad idea to replace your normal tap water with Evans black water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which water does Virat Kohli drinks?

King Kohli, who is very conscious about his fitness and hydration drinks the water of Evian, which is a mineral water company of france.

How much Virat Kohli water costs in India?

Virat Kohli drinks the Evian spring water which gets import from France. It costs around 600 INR in India. The reason behind it's expensiveness is it is collected from a natural spring lake in Geneva, France.



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