How Much Do England Cricketers Get Paid?

How Much Do England Cricketers Get Paid?

Cricket is probably one of the highest paying sport of the world because of its wide audience throughout the different parts of the world. Therefore, the players who represents their respective countries in international cricket also enjoys a pretty good amount of salaries from their cricket board. The founding nation of cricket, England is stands on 3rd place in terms of providing highest salary to England cricket players.

However, the terrible back to back failures of England’s white ball cricket in 2015 and 2016 t20 world cup made them to change their white ball and red ball cricket team separately. Therefore, let’s talk about how much do England cricketers get paid both in white ball and red ball format.


England Cricket Players Salary In Test 

The salary of any player essentially depends on his performance and level of experience in the team. Players like Smith, Virat, Root, and many more big players are usually falls in the category of highest earned players because of their continuous performance for their respective countries.

This is about how much does England cricket player earns.


Coming on to the salary of England cricket players in test cricket, which is 70,00,00 Euros annually for the players who has the ECB central test contract it includes some prominent players of England like Ben Stokes, Joss Buttler, Joe Root, James Anderson, Stuart Boards any many more.

Moreover, the per match salary for a test match is 1,65,40 Euros as it is the longest format of the cricket. The annual salary of English cricket player major depends on the number of matches he plays for his country every year.

Furthermore, All the international cricket player of England are divided into three types of central contracts based on their performance and to manage the workload of the players.

  • One Year – Central Contract
  • Two Year – Central Contract
  • Three Year – Central Contract


How Much Do England Cricketers Get Paid In ODI And T20I Cricket

Now moving towards the white ball cricket which includes both One day international and T20I format. England’s white ball cricket team consists some of the most entertaining and destructive batters like Buttler, Livingstone, Bairstow, Stokes etc.

If a England cricketer plays a ODI or T20 game, he earns 5100 Euros per match whereas, players who are sitting in the dugout or not in the playing 11 earns half of 5100 Euros, which is 2550 Euros for every white ball match. The numbers might vary a bit from every year’s new contract but essentially the following are the salaries of English player in white ball cricket.

Moreover, there are many England cricket players who plays the couple of league tournaments of the world like IPL, PSL, and BBL in a year apart from their national duty matches, therefore we can also consider the salary they get from by playing league matches are the additional.


Top 5 England Cricket Player With Highest Salaries

1) Ben Stokes – $3.36 Million

Ben stokes is the highest paid cricket player for england.

Not only England but also one of the best all-rounder in world, Ben Stokes have been one of the most essential player in White and Red ball cricket for England from years. Therefore, the overall impact and value he provides to the team makes him the top paid English cricket player with the annual salary of $3.36 Million dollars.

The reason behind the Ben Stokes top paid cricketer of England is the impact of his all-round performance and some of the biggest clutch innings which he has delivered for his nation. The Headingley inning of 135* runs against Australia in Ashes, 2019 CWC Final knock, and 2022 T20 WC final inning are enough to explain why he deserves to be highest earning cricketer of England.


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2) Jos Buttler -$2.60 Million

Wicket-keeper batsman, Joss Buttler essentially knows for his destructive batting display not only in white ball but also in test cricket when it requires. He is actively the part of ECB’s Test central and White ball contract, therefore the annual salary of Jos Buttler is $2.60 million dollars which is the second most after Ben Stokes in whole England cricket squad.

However after becoming the England’s white ball captain, Jos Butttler is not regularly playing the test format for his nation in order to manage the workload. Apart from national duty, he is one of the main player for IPL franchise named Rajasthan Royals where he enjoys a massive payout which adds in his overall salary.

3) Jofra Archer – $2.56 Million

Here you will get to know about Salary of Jofra archer for England cricket.

Every batsman would love to avoid the bouncers of Jofra Archer as he can click the speed of 90-93 MPH effortlessly. Jofra played key role and emerge as England’s main fast bowler in the 2019 Ashes where he put the players like Warner and Steve Smith on back foot with his lethal hard length bowling.

The yearly salary of Jofra Archer is $2.56 Million Dollars with Test central and White ball contract which makes him the most earned earned bowler of England. However, Jofra Archer is going through some injury concerns from last 1 and half year that’s the reason behind his exclusion in ongoing ODI world cup 2023.

Likewise every other England player, Jofra is also the part of IPL Franchise Mumbai Indians with the annual contract of $80 Million dollars to play along with Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah as a deadly combo for opponents.

4) Jonny Bairstow – $1.88 Million

England’s prominent opener in white ball cricket and middle order batter in test cricket, Jonny Bairstow has been exceptional in his role by managing the different batting position and play style according to the format of the game. As a essential and main opening batsman, he gets the annual salary of $1.88 million dollars from his both test central and white ball game contract by ECB.

Being a 4th highest paid cricketer of England, Jonny Bairstow always looks up to provide his value by giving a magnificent start in ODI and T20I’s whereas in test cricket he plays in middle order where his main role is accelerate the scoreboard by dominating the spinners.

5) Joe Root – $1.81 Million

The annual salary of Joe Root for England cricket.

England’s best test batter, Joe Root has been wonderful in test cricket from a decade when he made his debut in red ball in 2012 against India. Whenever England stuck in a tricky position, Joe Root has always stood up be by scoring hundreds. Having the part of Test central and white ball cricket contract, Joe Root’s salary stands at $1.81 million dollars.

Furthermore, Joe Root usually does not play ODI and T20I format as England cricket board (ECB) does not want to put heavy workload and to avoid injuries to his test cricket’s main asset, except some big ICC tournaments like 50- overs world cup. Therefore, Joe Root ended up on 5th spot in terms of highest England players salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the salary of Ben Stokes for England?

Ben Stokes is England's most important player in all three formats for his exceptional past records. Therefore, He earns $3.36 Million dollars every year from ECB.

Who is the highest paid bowler for England cricket?

Lethal fast bowler, Jofra Archer has established himself as one of the leading highest paid bowler for England with the annual salary of $2.56 Million.

Which is the second richest cricket board in the world?

After BCCI, Cricket Australia (CA) is the second richest cricket board in the world with the net worth of more than $80 Million USD.

How does a International cricket player earns?

There are couple of ways through a cricket player can earn, it includes Central contract from their board, Sponsorship deals, Endorsements, and by playing various league cricket around the world.