10 Most Handsome Cricketer Players In The World

10 Most Handsome Cricketer Players In The World

The cricket is watched by the fans from all over the world, some cricket fans watch it for entertainment whereas some fans follow cricket just to watch their favourite player on their TV or mobile screen. People who are passionate and watch cricket closely, definitely have one player in their mind which they like the most, regardless of his performance they may like a player just because of his stunning handsome looks and personality. But now the question is, we have many players who falls in the category of most handsome cricketer in the world.

Therefore, we will going to see who are the 10 most handsome cricket players of the world and who ranks on top of the list according to their attractive looks which enhances experience of watching them in live cricket match.

Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketer In World

1. Virat Kohli

Virat kohli the worlds' most handsome cricket star.

Presenting you the most handsome cricketer in the world, Virat Kohli holds this classy title as he is considered as perfect man in terms of having stunning and attractive personality among all other international cricket players of the world. Virat has impressive jawline with well-groomed beard, which enhances his overall physical appearance of face.

Virat kohli is a always fond of being a stylish player as well as handsome cricketer. From his early teenage years, he started focusing on his personality where he used to try different hairstyles and fashionable clothes. Nowadays he even became an inspiration where young teenage boys follows the trending hairstyles of Kohli which he often introduce on the field.

Furthermore, Virat Kohli is also tops the list of most good looking cricketer of India as well.

2. Manish Pandey

world's handsome cricket player manish pandey.

To those who don’t know or never heard about him, Manish Pandey has played international cricket from Indian team and been a part of the camp for couple of years where he even scored a century against aussies in Australia. Manish Pandey holds the 2nd position in the list of Most Handsome cricketer in world.

He is probably the most underrated in terms of his good looks and attractiveness, it will be very rare where you would find the name of Manish Pandey when the conversation is about handsome and good looking player, because he at present he is not part of Indian cricket team more couple of years, which might be the reason he oftentimes gets  overlooked.

Moreover, what requires for a man to be a handsome person? Probably a good face structure with decent jawline and attractive eyes or it can be well groomed beard right. Manish Pandey ticks all these boxes that’s where he is known as one of the best attractive and handsome Indian cricketer.

3. Pat Cummins

pat cummins handsome cricketer of world.

Current Australian Captain, Pat Cummins is also not far away from the list of most handsome cricketer in the world. The Aussie fast bowler Pat Cummins who is 6.2 feet tall with great personality attracts the eyes of the fans from all around the countries.

Some of his fans even considers Pat Cummins as a most suitable cricketer who can easily beat the hollywood stars when it comes to being a handsome hunk. Moreover, Pat Cummins has really gained so much popularity and praise for his recent back to back ICC trophies which he had won for Australia, this masculine side of him makes even more attractive.

4. KL Rahul 

Kl rahul is the most handsome cricket player of world.

Another star player of Indian cricket, KL Rahul who is currently suffering from quad injury from IPL 2023 mid stage has impressed many ladies out there with his hot good looks. Lately, he married the Indian actress Athiya Shetty which probably would have broken the hearts of young girls out there.

Rahul is mainly known for his well shaped beard with his little stunning eyes which plays huge factor in his personality. Along with his team buddy Virat Kohli, he is also passionate about the tattoos which we can see on his body.

Not only this, Bengaluru boy Rahul has also huge fan following on the instagram with 14 millions plus followers, when it comes to uploading aesthetic photos in the team, no one is close to Kl Rahul.

5. James Anderson

England's james anderson ranks as world most handsome cricketer.

The iconic star test bowler of England Jimmy Anderson comes in the 5th spot in the list of Most handsome cricket player of the world. With his exceptional bowling he made whole cricket world fond of his swinging deliveries, but when it comes to being loved by the ladies for his stunning looks we cannot miss Anderson for that.

I will tell you one habit of Jimmy which I like the most, when he bowls a delivery, just notice when he comes back for his run up with his hands going in his hair, this habit of him adds cherry on the top to his style and charm.

Majority of the peoples who becomes older start’s lose their all attractiveness which is a pretty obvious thing, with the time person lose his natural beauty, But in the case of James Anderson thoroughly opposite where he looks even more attractive and handsome with his growing age.

Anderson is now 40 years old where he is still not thinking about retirement in cricket shows his dedication towards the game, this type of character in a man makes even more handsome.

6. Babar Azam

babar azam comes in the list of most handsome cricketer player.

The legendary player of Pakistan, Babar Azam is also trending on the topic of Handsome cricket player in the world. Babar Azam probably the most successful batsman of Pakistan in the modern era, often times people even compare him to Virat Kohli was has conquered the all three format of cricket.

Apart from his achievements for his country, he is also loved for his charming personality by the ladies in the pakistan as well as many other countries. He even does photoshoot for his Instagram account where he post’s his amazing photos which makes girls crazy.

Babar Azam also has that beard factor which adds mystery to his personality. Actually there is something with having beard on a man, although there are many peoples who prefers clean shave instead off beard. But in my opinion both looks good if you are a person like Babar Azam.

7. Shubman Gill 

The youngest player to make his way in the trending list of Most handsome cricketer in world Shubman Gill, who is ruling the the international cricket with his incredible performances from past 1 year. Not only in international cricket, but also he dominated the IPL 2023 with his crazy match winning knocks.

Furthermore, Gill is winning the hearts and attention of the girls with his Gen-z looks, where he regularly post his images in trendy clothes and hairstyle.

8. David Miller

The explosive lefty batter of South Africa has been going unnoticed in the world cricket for his good looks. The most fascinating thing about David Miller is, his small tensed eyes with typical South African brownish beard makes him one of the best good looking cricket player of world.

Moreover, David Miller is not only appealing from his physical appearance but also from well-rounder and captivating personality. His strong determination towards his fitness is probably another reason which lead him to become a one of world’s handsome cricketer.

9. Ben Stokes

The revolution of Ben Stokes from a average player in terms of both looks and performance to one of the greatest ever all rounder of cricket came after his drastic failure of 2016 T2O WC.

Ben Stokes now considered as one of the best appealing personalities from almost every cricket fan. His new look with english beard and long hair has become trendy in recent years. His masculinity adds a extra layer to his handsomeness.

10. Glenn Maxwell

The newly married Aussie star batsman, Glenn Maxwell makes his way in the list of most handsome cricketer in the world. Maxwell’s one of the most attractive quality is that he always make sure to showcase his vibrant and positive energy both on and off-field. His sweet and appealing smile makes a friendly atmosphere around him.

At first, you might not see Maxwell as world’s most handsome cricketer, but once you watch him you can’t t take your eyes off from his masculine and handsome personality.


Who is second most handsome cricketer in the world?

Australian captain, Pat Cummins is the world's second most handsome cricketer of the world for his dashing and handsome appealing looks.

Who is the Most Handsome cricketer in Pakistan?

Undoubtedly, Babar Azam is the most handsome cricketer of Pakistan as he has well grown beard with attractive eyes and overall face shape.



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