Top 10 Cricket Shots Name Explained In Detail

all the cricket shots are described in detail with images.

I am assuming that you are someone who likes to watch cricket on regular basis or only some important games like IND vs PAK, and probably you would always wanted to know about the name of the cricket shots which are played by all the batsman frequently in a match. We often times heard the … Read more

Cricket Fielding Positions – All Ground Fielders Name

every cricket fielding position is explained in detail.

Imagine how bad you will feel, if there is a talk going over about the fielding placement of cricket in a group or while watching live cricket commentary? From today onwards you will never ever have to worry about knowing the cricket fielding positions as I am going to explain you each and every possible … Read more

5 Best Cricket Batting Tips For Beginners In 2024

Best cricket batting tips for beginners.

We all know that, with the time everything changes and evolves into a completely new different form, same implies to our beloved sport, cricket. Earlier, a batsman used to take at-least 10-15 balls before going for any big or lofted shot, but nowadays the story has been completely changed. We oftentimes see a player smashing … Read more

How To Score Century In Cricket

This blog is about how you can score a century in cricket match.

As a professional cricket player, a batsman always want to experience the incredible feeling of scoring a century in the cricket match which many young professional players find it difficult to cross the milestone of 100 runs. The reason behind it can be vary from player to player but there are some common mistakes most … Read more

Meet the Owners: IPL 2024 Team Ownership Details

If you are a IPL enthusiast, then you might be quite familiar with the recent ipl auction which broke the records in terms of most expensive players which were bought by various IPL franchise. The amount of money which was invested on players by the every IPL team owner was absolutely insane, and probably you … Read more

How To Play Cover Drive Shot

When we talk about beauty and class Cover Drive perfectly defines these two words, It is one of those shot in cricket which every player want to learn and master it. But many young cricket players who are about to enter or playing professional cricket find it difficult to execute it properly. Therefore today we … Read more