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Top 5 Best Sweep Shot Players In Modern Day Cricket

In order to sustain in test and one day international cricket for a longer period, a batsman has to develop all kinds of different cricket shots of the book. You might know the importance of shots like cover drive, Pull Shot and Cut shot etc. but we should not forget about the Sweep shot, which is a best shot a player can play in the subcontinent regions like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan where spinners get pretty good help on the pitch.

In current modern day cricket, there are multiple players who have mastered the art of playing the sweep shots. Therefore, let’s take a brief look in the list of best sweep shot players of cricket of present era.

Top 5 Players Who Plays The Best Sweep Shot In Cricket

1) Joe Root – England 

The former test captain of England, Joseph Edward Root undoubtedly the best sweep shot player of current generation with his exceptional judgement and the execution of the shot while playing it.

Being a English player, it is quite fascinating to see a player who adopts the conditions of subcontinent pitches by taking the advantage of his classy and safe technique of sweep shot. During the test tour of Sri Lanka in 2021-22, he scored 2 double hundreds on the Sri Lankan soil where his majority of runs came while playing the sweep shot.

Moreover, Joe Root’s stable head position and his ability to pick the best ball for sweep, makes him the best sweep shot player of this generation.

2) Kane Williamson – New Zealand

Probably the only player, who puts smile on his face despite losing a world cup final. The most loved and respected player from the world, Kane Williamson holds the 2nd rank when it comes to be the best sweep shot player.

Coming from New Zealand, where most of the players focuses on the shots like punch, cut, Pull, etc due to the bouncy pitches, Whereas Kane Williamson has emphasized to develop the skill of sweep shot. We have seen him many times not only in test but in t20 also, where he literally smashes sixes against fast bowlers in the sweep shot.

3) KL Rahul – India

India’s most underrated batter, who oftentime doesn’t get enough credit for his outstanding performance, KL Rahul is someone who can play almost every cricketing shot be it orthodox or unorthodox shot that too by maintaining his class and style.

Furthermore, He comes on top of the list in Indian cricket in playing the best sweep shot in the entire team. KL Rahul mainly target the off spinners by scoring the boundaries and sixes as well on the sweep shot.

Moreover, it is also the pressure releasing shot of KL Rahul, as he just need to show the direction to the ball in the mid-wicket and square leg position, and the rest of the work will be done by his exceptional timing of the ball.

4) Glenn Maxwell – Australia 

We cannot forget the explosive batsman of Australia when the discussion is going about the sweep shot. As far as I remember, He was the first player who started to play the reverse-sweep shot as well very frequently in world cricket. Everyone knows, that he is monster in the reverse sweep where he just effortlessly smack the bowler for 80-90 meter six.

But he is equally dangerous and perfect in traditional sweep shot as well. Maxwell does not mainly focuses on reaching the length of ball while playing sweep, instead he focuses more on his bat speed and the full extension of the arms in order to generate sufficient amount of power in the shot, which can cross the boundary line.

5) Ishan Kishan – India

The young promising batter of India has impressed everyone in the recent times with his amazing performances, Ishan Kishan makes his name in the list of best sweep shot players in cricket. The lefty batter, Ishan Kishan does not even hesitate to hit six on his very first ball of the match if the ball is in the radar of Sweep Shot.

Ishan Kishan has a pretty wide range while playing the sweep shot, from fine leg to deep-mid wicket he can play in whatever the direction he wants according to the field. And yes he is one of those sweep shot player, who not only smashes the spinners but also the fast bowlers. Moreover, His aggressive approach is something to watch out, if you are watching him on the T.V.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best sweep shot player in the world?

There are couple of players, but Joe Root is ahead when it comes to the best sweep shot player in the world. He has been constantly playing and dominating on that shot from more than a decade.

Which Indian cricket player plays the best sweep shot?

There are mainly two player from the current Indian squad, which is Ishan Kishan and Kl Rahul who plays the best sweep shot in Indian cricket. However, Kl Rahul is bit ahead as he had showcase his sweep shot capability to the world in all three formats regularly.


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