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10 Best Pull Shot Player In Cricket At Present

Among all the cricketing shots if there is a shot which every cricket player wants to play in his inning, probably it would be the Pull shot along with cover drive shot as well. unlike cover drive, Pull shot requires proper judgement of the ball along with batsman’s power in order to send the ball into the stands. Moreover, who does not want to hit sixes when they are batting? So, pull shot is the best way to do that.

Therefore, let’s take a look on Best Pull Shot Player In Cricket At Present in international cricket including all formats.


Top 10 Best Pull Shot Player In Cricket At Present

1. Rohit Sharma – Best Pull Shot Player Of India

The reason behind Rohit Sharma’s popular name ” Hitman” is his extraordinary ability to judge short pitch ball very quickly and executing it for six while playing pull shot. Therefore, Rohit is also known as king of Pull shot.

Moreover, It look so classy and eye pleasing for the viewers as well when he plays that shot. Rohit Sharma transfers his body weight on his back foot just before playing the shot, which gives him stability and enough power.

Talking about present time, I don’t think there is any other batter who can play pull shot like Rohit everytime effortlessly to send the ball for long sixes. Though, He also got out couple of times on this shot but that thing never came between him and his personal favorite shot “pull”.


2. Ben Stokes

England’s current red ball captain Ben Stokes has got immense power when it comes to playing pull shot, He is not only good in white ball cricket but also plays in test cricket as well that too with perfection.

Moreover, the initial movement of Ben Stokes helps him to get in perfect position for pull shot even before the pitching of the ball, which gives him little bit extra time to execute the shot for six. Therefore, Stokes gets second place in the list of best pull shot player at present.


3. Jos Buttler

One of the best striker of white ball cricket, Jos Buttler’s powerful wrist helps him to play some of the craziest shots of cricket including pull as well.

There are very few batters who can play flat pull shot for six, and Jos Buttler is one of them. His batlift is not as high as it should be in traditional cricket, but because of his flexibility and the power he generates from his wrists makes him exceptional pull shot striker.


4. David Warner

Australian opener David Warner gets fourth spot in terms of best pull shot player at present in world cricket. Warner has been always impressive on the back foot game be it cut shot or pull shot.

Moreover, Warner is quite used to the bouncy wickets of Australia therefore he can bat on any pitch which adds extra bounce on it, that’s the reason he can play the pull shot very accurately each and every time in any part of the world.

If you ever noticed the range of pull shot goes from long on to deep square leg on short pitch balls, that says a lot about his control on the pull shot.

5. Virat Kohli 

Yet another great Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, who can play pull shot on back foot as well as on front foot. Very few players can hit sixes on front pull and Virat Kohli is one of those player.

I still remember the t20 match against England, where he smacked Mark Wood for a long six by playing front pull shot. When a player plays pull shot on front foot he can’t generate the power as much as back foot, it all depends on timing of the batsman when it comes to front foot.

Moreover, when Kohli was desperate to hit his 71st century from more than two years, it was the pull shot which helped him to cross that mark in Asia cup 2022 against Afghanistan.


6. Kane Williamson 

New Zealand’s classy batter, Kane Williamson makes his way in the list of best pull shot player at present in international cricket, Williamson may not be a hard hitter of cricket but when he plays pull shot it goes for 80-90 long metre sixes.

Williamson’s initial movement start from outside leg stumps and goes on middle and half stumps along with front leg opened, this essential setup makes him to play pull shot effortlessly.


7. Mitchell Marsh 

Aussie all-rounder Mitchell Marsh was in and out from the team in the past, but now he is playing as important batter in the team in white and red ball cricket.

In my opinion If a bowler bowls short pitch ball to Marsh, please don’t even look at the ball because you may not find it. Yes, Mitchell Marsh is a beast when it comes to sending the ball out of the ground on pull shot.

Mitchell Marsh has muscular physique along with his bat speed, therefore he loves to use that power on the pull shot. In recent t20 series vs South Africa he showed why is one the best in pull shot where he even scored 93* and 79 runs.


8. SuryaKumar Yadav 

The player who has conquered the t20 cricket in last 2 years is incredibly amazing when it comes to play pull shot. Suryakumar Yadav can hit six even on short of length ball where most of the players gets out on it.

SKY usually known for his 360 degree batting display, but his majority of runs on leg side comes by pull shot only which shows how much he has mastered this shot and loves it to play.


9. David Miller

This list of best pull shot player currently is incomplete without the inclusion of South African power house batsman David Miller. Not to forget his iconic record of fastest century in t20 cricket with his destructive and powerful shots.

The reason behind his powerful pull shot is, in the shuffle he comes on middle stump making an arc in his stance towards mid-wicket and square leg which makes his bat to come in full flow to play the shot.


10. Shubman Gill 

The newly young talent who has impressed everyone with his exceptional batting display by becoming on of the player who made most runs in year 2023 in all formats of cricket for India, Shubman Gill registers himself on tenth spot in terms of best pull shot player at present.

Shubman Gill is pretty special because of his short arm jab pull shot which is actually quite risky and tough to execute it oftentimes. Moreover, Gill is also quite handy when it comes to traditional pull shot as his batlift comes from his shoulder height length.


                                   Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Which current Indian cricketer has the best pull shot?

Captain Rohit Sharma is known as the best pull shot player not only from India but also in the world because of his classy and long sixes which he hits on pull stroke.

Q) Who are the top 3 best pull shot batsman’s of all time?

However, there are many but Ricky Ponting, Rohit Sharma, and Viv Richards are the top 3 best pull shot batsman’s’ of all time in cricket.


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