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Top 10 Smallest Cricket Stadium In India

Let’s imagine for a second, a cricket match without a single supporter in the stadiums! how it would be feel like for us to see and to players who would be playing in literally no noise.

That’s where the importance of fans comes in to the game, It is said that fans are the soul of cricket which adds excitement in to the match and it is absolutely correct to say it.

The more amount of fans in stadium, the more high excitement and great atmosphere it would be, but there are some smallest cricket stadium in India where cricket fans did not gets chance to see their favorite players.

Here small stadium means, in terms of capacity we are talking, not in terms of boundary lengths. Though being in a small cricket stadium does not mean bad experience to watch a match, it’s just simply reduces the level of strong atmosphere in the ground due to less amount of peoples as compared to big stadium. Hence, let’s see some top 10 smallest cricket stadium in India.

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List of Top 10 India’s Smallest Cricket Stadium

1. Dharamshala Stadium

Dharamshala is the smallest cricket ground of India.

If we talk about beauty and aesthetic then it has to be the Dharamshala Stadium which is the smallest cricket ground of India. Unarguably it is India’s most beautiful cricket ground where we can literally see the view of Himalayan mountains covered with snow along with greenery of the mountains. Dharamshala is not that typical ground where we can expect 300 plus runs by a team frequently.

If we look at the sitting capacity for the crowd which is for the 23,000 peoples which is too less by looking at the increasing craze of cricket from every year. Nevertheless it is a good thing because we humans has the habit of destroying the beauty of nature.

In the beginning of this ground, there were only domestic games which used to played but in the 2013 first international ODI games was played on this heaven like ground.

2. Sawai Mansingh Stadium

Sawai Mansingh stadium is the 2nd smallest cricket ground of India.

Located in Rajasthan’s capital Pink city Jaipur, Sawai Mansingh ground comes in 2nd position in the list of top 10 smallest cricket stadium in India.

SMS (Sawai Mansingh Stadium) contains the capacity for 23,185 peoples to watch the game. This ground may be small but the fans of the Jaipur has always shown up to cheer their cricket heroes in the ground.

Moreover, SMS is favourable for the spin and for bowler who can bowl some good variations in pace bowling. Because of slow and turning pitch it becomes tough for players to play big knock on this ground.

SMS has hosted 4 IPL games in 2023 season after more than 3 years where fans came with full intensity to support home team Rajasthan Royals.

3. DR.YSR Reddy ACA-VDCA Stadium

YSR Reddy ground ranks 3 as smallest cricket stadium of India.

Situated in the Vishakhapatnam city of Andhra Pradesh, DR.YSR Reddy stadium which is located near the western coastline which drastically affects the condition of the ground in favour of bowlers due to moisture in the air.

Visakhapatnam stadium can host the match for 27,500 peoples which makes it in 3rd spot in the list of top 10 smallest cricket stadium in India.

When it comes to international games, it gets opportunity of hosting the match 2 or 3 matches every year which is mostly the white ball cricket games. Furthermore, it is the home ground of Andhra cricket team and for also domestic matches.

4. Saurashtra Cricket Stadium

Saurashtra cricket ground is the 4th smallest ground of India.

Saurashtra cricket stadium which was also the home ground of former IPL team Gujarat Lions, it is situated in City of Rajkot in Gujarat where it has the capability of hosting the cricket match 28,000 peoples.

It has organized many international matches in the past, but at present it did not got a single game to host.

Reason behind not getting matches for this ground is because, Gujarat has already one of the biggest stadium of world where it gets most of the games to play.

5. Inderjit Singh Bindra Stadium

5th smallest cricket ground of india is Inderjit stadium of mohali.

Inderjit Bindra Stadium which has hosted the world cup game of India vs Australia in 2016, located in Mohali, Punjab. It is also the home ground of IPL team of Punjab Kings where Punjab’s fans show tremendous amount of love and support for their team.

IS Bindra Stadium seating capacity is 28,000 peoples to enjoy the surreal experience of live cricket match which makes it to join the list of top 10 smallest cricket stadium in India.

However, the grounds like these are merely popular in India as they do not able to get enough international and IPL games to host.

6. Holkar Cricket Stadium

Indore's holkar stadium ranked as 6th smallest indian ground.

Established in 1990, by the maharaja Yashwant Rao Holkar of Indore which has the spectators capacity of 30,000 fans to witness cricket action.

If we look at the pitch of Holkar ground, which is quite supportive for batsmans to score some good runs and also extra edge in the form of quick outfield of the ground.

The crazy and beautiful thing to notice is that, floodlights of this stadium is in a shape of Alphabet letter “M” which is used to represent the state of Madhya Pradesh.

7. Chandigarh Cricket Stadium

chandigarh cricket ground

The Chandigarh city which is known for its greenery and cleanliness has made its way in 7th place in the list top 10 smallest cricket stadium in India. This stadium is the home ground of Haryana and Punjab both. It has the crowd capacity of 30,000 peoples.

Moreover, this stadium has hosted couple of big games including some matches of 2011 world cup. With the equipped floodlights in the ground, it also opens the option of day and night matches to play in this venue which can be exciting for the peoples of Punjab and Haryana to experience.

8. Green Park Stadium

Kanpur Cricket ground

Another beautiful stadium of India which is located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh known as Green Park International stadium, which was established in 1945 and considered as one of the oldest cricket stadium of India due to its rich history and heritage.

The capacity of peoples for enjoying match in this ground is 32,000 which made this ground to be in the list top 10 smallest cricket stadium in India.

Possibly it is the only cricket stadium of India which has no rights for state cricket association but still it has hosted majority of the matches of Uttar pradesh with the total number of 37 international matches including Test, Odi and T20I.

9. Wankhede Stadium

Wankhede cricket ground of mumbai

The iconic ground of Mumbai, Wankhede Stadium which is known for hosting some high profile matches of India in the World Cup including the historical final game of India vs Sri Lanka in 2011 world cup.

The stadium has the capacity of 33,108 fans for the upcoming match in this year’s 2023 odi world cup.

When it comes to entertain the Mumbai’s people, it has conducted 108 IPL matches for the home team of Mumbai Indians with full packed stadium.

Wankhede ground has always been hell for the bowlers as there is not enough help for the fast bowlers. The short boundary and quick outfield becomes beneficial factors for batters.

10. Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium 

The last cricket ground of our top 10 smallest cricket stadium in India is the Maharashtra’s Pune cricket ground with the spectators capacity of 37,406 peoples to get amazing feeling of atmosphere it creates during the game.

In the past, this stadium has been the home ground of two former IPL teams which were Pune Warriors and Rising Pune Supergiants which attracted many pune’s fans to watch the game.

If we look at the condition of the pitch, in first few overs with new ball it might be helpful for batsmen’s but as the game progress spinners definitely comes into the play.


Which cricket stadium in India has the smallest seating capacity?

Dharamshala cricket stadium has the smallest seating capacity which is 23,000 people only.


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