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Most 300 Runs In ODI by a Team

Along with the t20, One day international cricket is also evolving in terms of its approach from passive to aggressive! especially from past 3,4 years. Every team has multiple players in their squad who can change the strike rate whenever it requires in one day format. Players like Maxwell, Rohit Sharma, ABD, Decock, Gayle and many more countless amount of names who helps their respective teams in order to set a match winning target which is usually more than 300 runs. Therefore, today we are going to take a look in the list of most 300 runs in odi by a team.

However, India has made most 300 runs in ODI cricket which is 131 times, certainly India deserves to be on top in this list as they have dominated One day international cricket during 2016 to 2019 because of its fiery batting unit who can change the accelerator of scoreboard and can easily help the team to cross the mark of 300 runs at any given day.

Teams With Most 300+ Score In ODI Cricket

 1) India – 131 Times

Earlier in the shadow of Ganguly, Dhoni, Virat and now Rohit Sharma, Indian team has always been one of the favorites and strongest contenders to play against in one day international cricket. Probably, that’s the reason behind the the title of most 300 runs in ODI by a team.

However, the most of the 300 plus score in odi of India came under the captainship of Virat kohli and Ms.Dhoni, because of their dominant approach which they both adapted throughout the world be it Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, or England. Especially Virat Kohli’s aggressive era which every Indian fan loved it.

Out of 131 times where India made 300 plus runs, it has won 101 times whereas they had to face 27 times the taste of loss, despite scoring 300+ runs. However, the first ever 300 plus score of India came against Pakistan in 1966 at Sharjah cricket ground of UAE. Since then, India came long way when it comes to put a entertaining score of 300 plus runs on the board.

Team  300+ Runs Won Lost
India 131 Times 101 27


 2)Australia – 118 Times

Most of you guys would probably know the reason behind inclusion of Australia on 2nd rank in the list of most 300 runs in ODI by a team. The legacy of Ricky Ponting and along with other aussie captains like Michael Clarke, Steven Smith, and Aaron Finch has played significant role in crossing the mark of 300 plus runs 118 times.

Australia has always considered as one of the destructive batting unit in white ball cricket because of their attacking and dominant approach in batting. In the past Ponting, Symonds, Gilchrist, to Glenn Maxwell, David Warner, and Aaron Finch were played one of the key components to carry the old mighty aussies legacy.

Furthermore, Aussies certainly made 118 times more than 300 runs but they lost less amount of games than India which is 17 and won 101 times out of 118 times. The Australia’s win percentage while smashing 300 plus runs in ODI is second best in this list as they managed to win 84.74 of the games in 300 plus game.

Team  300+ Runs Won Lost
Australia 118 Times 101 17



 3) South Africa – 96 Times

South Africa may be known as chokers in ICC tournaments because of their mistakes and a bit of bad luck especially in knockouts, but apart from that South Africa is well balanced team in terms of batting and bowling department. Interesting fact about Proteas is that it is the only team, which scored most 400 plus runs in ODI.

Proteas batting unit from top order to to middle order has always been filled with some of the destructive batters of white ball cricket like ABD, Faf, Decock, Miller and many more. Therefore, South Africa has also crossed the benchmark of 300 runs in 96-times in ODI cricket and became third team to have most 300 runs by a team in ODI cricket.

One interesting fact is, South Africa has the highest winning percentage which 90.62, it means there are 90 percent chances of winning for Proteas whenever they crosses the mark of 300+ runs in one day cricket.

Moreover If you are following the ongoing ODI world cup 2023, then I don’t think you have missed the South Africa’s matches as they are scoring 300 and 400 runs for fun in every other game that too against teams like Australia, India, Pakistan, and New Zealand. This shows their newly attacking approach which they recently adapted in one day cricket.

Team  300+ Runs Won Lost
South Africa 96 Times 87 8


4) Pakistan – 93 Times

This one might surprise many of you, Yes Pakistan has left behind teams like New Zealand, England, And West Indies when it comes to score the most amount of 300 plus runs in one day international cricket. Pakistan has made 300+ runs 93-times which is the 4th highest by any team in the world.

However, Pakistan might not have big and monstrous striker of the ball but they have couple of players in their team who can take the scoreboard over 300 runs with the required strike rate. The prime example are Babar Azam and Mohammed Rizwan, they just play the game on merit and takes their inning till the very end which gives them good chance of crossing the team score for 300 runs.

Furthermore, Over the years Pakistan has evolved as a bowling team as they has some of the finest fast bowlers in their squad but still ranking on 4th position in the list of most 300 runs in ODI by team shows their batting side is not that bad in ODI cricket.

Team  300+ Runs Won Lost
Pakistan 93 Times 75 18


5) England – 91 Times

The world cup champions of 2019, England absolutely impressed the world with their revolutionary approach in ODI cricket from 2019. I still remember they used to score 100-120 runs in first 10 overs of their inning. Certainly, the brand of fearless cricket which they adopted played crucial role not only in winning world cup but also scoring 300+ runs 91-times in ODI.

Furthermore, If you look closely the England’s ODI squad from the last few years have proper batters who can strike the ball quite well from their opening batter to 9th and 10th batter as well. I don’t think any team has the amount of batting depth which England has.

Except Joe Root, I don’t see any player who plays less than the strike rate of 100 in their team. Buttler, Bairstow, Stokes, Jason Roy, Moeen Ali these are kind of players who loves to operate with the strike rate 150 or sometimes more than that. This is the biggest reason they are able to smash more than 300 runs 91-times.

However, You might think if England is that strong in ODI then why are not they ranking on 1st or 2nd spot in this list of most 300 runs in ODI by a team? Actually there are two reason which behind it:

  1. England mostly play test cricket in their calendar year which does not allow them to play sufficient ODI bilateral series in a year.
  2. This attacking approach of England was came in their squad few years before in 2018-2019, before that they were not adopted their current fearless brand of cricket which they play now.
Team  300+ Runs Won Lost
England 91 Times 65 24

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which team has made most 300+ runs in ODI ?

Indian cricket team has the most number of 300+ score in ODI cricket, as they has made 131 times which is the most by any team in the world.

What is the highest score of South Africa in One day cricket?

The highest score of South Africa came in 2015 against West Indies where they brutally smashed the caribbean bowlers by scoring 439 runs by just losing 2 wickets.


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