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Most Famous Cricket Player

Cricket has been played from 18th century and it has produced many big and famous players from various parts of the world. No doubt fans plays vital role in the game of cricket, but it is the famous players of the game which attracts the audience to watch their favourite hero while playing in the ground. Moreover, take your own example, If you ever had gone to cricket stadium to watch a game, you would be expecting to see your favourite or any popular player in front of your eyes. Therefore let’s dive into the list of most famous cricket player.


Top 10 most famous cricket player

1. MS.Dhoni

Probably one of the greatest ever player, captain, wicketkeeper and finisher Mahendra Singh Dhoni has earned love and respect not only from whole India but also from various other countries. I have seen many incredible players of this game who came and gone, but the amount of respect and appraise Dhoni received from all the international cricket players is something crazy.

I have been watching cricket from last 15 years and I never seen a mastermind of this game who literally used to turn the match standing behind the wickets. Moreover, He is also the first ever captain in history of cricket who won all the three ICC trophies. Hence, undoubtedly MS.Dhoni owns the title of most famous cricket player.


2. Ricky Ponting

The aggressive personality of former Australian team, Ricky Ponting who has achieved great heights in terms of his captaincy and batting features at 2nd position in the list of most famous cricket player among all the international cricketers.

If you are not aware of his achievements then let me remind you, Ponting won the 3 ICC ODI world cup trophies along with tons of runs.

No doubt why he is in the heart of Australian fans and player as he dominated the every cricket playing country in his era. Even in India, Ricky Ponting has inspired many young talents who idolizes him to move ahead in their journey.


3. AB De Villiers 

The man who got incredible popularity and love in India probably more than his own country. Yes we are talking about South African legendary player AB De Villiers, who is known for his 360 batting display in every area of the ground.

The major reason behind his massive popularity in India is because of his loyalty and performance he gave over the years when he used to play in IPL for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Despite giving his absolute best in international cricket and IPL as well, he never able to feel the ultimate joy of lifting ICC and IPL trophy.

Regardless of this, AB De Villiers is loved by millions and still known as a beast when it comes to short format game. Therefore 360 specialist ABD, is our 3rd player in terms of most famous cricket player.


4. Virat Kohli

Who could have thought that a player from Delhi will make such a huge impact in international cricket with his unmatched batting abilities. Modern day star, Virat Kohli has earned massive followers and admiration from all over the globe along with amazing handsome cricket personality.

I think most of the people are fond of his aggressiveness and classy cricket shots, especially cover drive. Moreover, Virat kohli is a global celebrity icon with 255 million plus followers on Instagram. Hence, Virat comes on 4th spot in this list of most famous cricket player.


5. Shoaib Akhtar

Pakistan has produced some really ruthless bowlers in history of cricket best example probably is Shoaib Akhtar who is also known as Rawalpindi express. Who can forget Shoaib Akhtar’s deadly bouncers which caused many great players to bend their knees in front of him.

In addition, because of his lethal pace bowling he became inspiration for many upcoming fast bowlers and got some amazing popularity as well, especially in his own nation Pakistan, Shoaib Akhtar still lives in their heart.


6. Sachin Tendulkar

When most of boys at the age of 16 goes to school and have no idea what to do in their life, there was a man who is known as Sachin Tendulkar facing the bouncers of Shoaib Akhtar. The courage and hard work which Sachin showed in his cricketing career is something beyond words.

Moreover, I have never seen any person who does not admire master blaster Sachin Tendulkar for his absolute contribution for India. He took retirement from cricket in year 2013, but when it comes to love and respect from his fans he still gets in the same amount when he used to play for India. Hence, Sachin is the 6th most popular cricket player in the world.


7. Brain Lara

The former great carribean player, Brian Lara who owns the iconic record of 400 runs in test cricket had got massive recognition throughout the world for his exceptional batting display. Therefore, Lara becomes must pick for the 7th position in the list of most famous cricket player.

Brian Lara’s contribution was quite big in the success of West Indies between 1990’s-2000 period. When it comes to popularity, Lara is not behind than any other player as he is the one of best left handed batsman that cricket ever got.


8. Shane Warne

I am expecting that you are following cricket from many years so I want to ask you, have you ever seen a bowl which lands outside leg stumps and from there it hits off stump wicket to deceive a batsman. Yes Shane Warne used to bowl these type of delivers which sometimes seems to be unplayable.

The popularity Shane Warne got for his exceptional leg spin is beyond to even calculate. A player with such a simple action and rhythm became one of the greatest leg spinner of this game which makes him to our 8th player to join the list of most famous cricket player.


9. Chris Gayle

The player who is absolute destructive when batting and equally sweet and entertaining during the fielding, Chris Gayle is probably one of those player who does not have any haters which is obvious, I mean how can someone not like the charming and full of energy personality of Chris Gayle.

Furthermore, Chris Gayle has always got the love and support not only from West Indies but also India. I have never seen a player like him who enjoys each and every moment in the field with smile which makes the game more excited, perhaps that can be the reason behind his big fan base from India as well.


10. Lasith Malinga

The Iconic bowler of Sri Lankan cricket, Lasith Malinga is our 10th player in terms of being most famous cricket player over the years. There are many bowlers who sledges to get wickets, but Malinga has never did any of these things and believed strongly on his abilities to deceive the batter.

Everyone can bowl yorkers in cricket but executing it consistently for the years is actually a tough thing to do. But Lasith Malinga not only done this tough thing but also got 4 back to back wickets that too on yorker length vs New Zealand which is absolutely unreal.



If you are finding your favourite player in this list most famous cricket player which I may have not added, that is just because there literally more than 50 players who are popular in world of cricket but I can’t add every player otherwise it would become too long for you to even read. Therefore I have mentioned the best players from each countries, don’t forget to comment below your personal favourite player of this list.


Q) Who is the current most popular Indian cricket player?

Global Icon, Virat Kohli is the current most popular Indian cricket player with Instagram following of over 255 million.

Q) Which Australian cricket player is most famous?

Three time world cup winning captain, Ricky ponting is widely famous in whole Australia for his great achievements in cricket.


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