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Most Catches In Test Cricket

Whenever we looks at the scorecard of test matches we often times just looks which batsman scored the runs and who has taken the wickets but we overlooks the fielders who takes stunners and exceptional catches. I believe every player has three opportunity to contribute his team. Batting, Bowling and fielding if any player fails in first 2 departments he can surely give his best in outfield by grabbing some crucial catches or saving some runs. Specifically if we talk about most catches in test cricket there are many active and former players who comes in this list.

You might a question in your mind which is, how can a player get most of the catches when there are 9 more fielders present in the field? why does ball goes to some specific players only? The answer is pretty simple actually, according to the bowling captain will place his best fielders in some specific places where the probability of the catch will be more.

Sometimes it also depends on the strategy of the bowler, if bowler want to bowl bouncer to a batter then he will place his best fielder of the team in deep square leg because chances of getting catch is more on that position than any other else. Therefore let’s go through top 5 non wicketkeeper players who has grabbed most catches in test cricket.


Top 5 players who has taken most catches in test cricket

1. Rahul Dravid 

  • The man who can bat at any position, can score at any batting order, can save the match and he can also take stunners, Rahul Dravid just knew one thing which is to make impact and contribute to the team. When we talk about his fielding he has taken 210 test catches in 164 matches and became the only player to take most catches in test cricket.
  • Moreover, Dravid was not one of those fielders who always fields only at one field position in his whole career. Dravid has taken catches in Slip, Short leg, Square leg, Point and mid off as well. He once said, that his favourite catch was when Sachin Tendulkar was bowling and it took one of aussie batsman’s outside edge where Dravid took a one hand stunner.
  • Another Spectacular catch which I forgot to mention which is, His 200th test catch when Harbhajan Singh was bowling and it got inside edge of batsman which was going behind the wicketkeeper, but flying Dravid took the blinder and made his 200th catch to be remember for years.


 How Rahul Dravid Achieved Title Of Highest Catches In Test Cricket

  1. Technique : According to cricket technique, if you are fielding at slips it is important to make yourself ready for the possible quick reflexes and movements. To do that, Just make sure you are bending your knee and make your body balance forward.
  2. Reflexes: It is important to have quick reflexes, because unlike other field placement slip does not have that much time to take catch easily so make sure to develop decenet reflexes it requires most for spinners when batsman tries to play cut shot or cover drive.
  3. Concentration : It is the most important element Rahul Dravid’s feilding, he mastered the art of focusing on batsman’s edge which gives him little bit extra time than others fielders. My coach used to say that, while fielding in slips imagine every ball coming at you from batsman’s outside edge and it helped me really well back when I used to play under 19.

These are the 3 most required traits to become exceptional fielder of slip and Dravid had all of these in his game.


2. Mahela Jayawardene 

  • Coming from Sri lanka, Mahela Jayawardene is popular among all the cricketing nations for his great records in world cricket. Along with batting, he was also phenomenal slip fielder where he tas taken 205 catches in 149 test games and becomes the 2nd player to take most catches in test cricket.
  • I think the amount of catches M. Muralitharan gave to Jayawardene is countless in slips.
  • In a interview on Sky Sports, he said that fielding in subcontinent is harder than Australia, England or New Zealand. Because in Subcontinent mostly pitches are spin friendly and little low that’s why slip fielders had to stretch full legs and bend themselves little bit more than any other location.
  • Most of the catches in subcontinent comes below knee level, that’s why players like Dravid and Jayawardene used to kept their body as low as to the ground to pick those half chances as well. In addition, I think the amount of catches M. Muralitharan gave to Jayawardene is countless in slips.


3. Jacques Kallis

  • South African great, Jacques Kallis gets 3rd place in terms of having most catches in test cricket. Along with great captain, bowler, and great character he is also extraordinary fielder. There was a rumour when he was at his peak form which says that  Jacques Kallis is better fielder than Jonty Rhodes.
  • If we look at the number of catches Jacques Kallis has taken in test cricket it is 200 catches in 116 games which includes highest 4 catches in a match.


4. Ricky Ponting

  • This man is everywhere when we discuss about any records be it in terms of captaincy, batting, and fielding as well. Unlike most of the fielders who stands in 1st and 2nd slip where ball mostly comes in your hand, Ponting used to field in gully or 3rd slip on most of the occasions in test cricket which is probably the toughest place to grab catches.
  • Ponting in his 168 test matches took 196 catches in his 17 years of test career and became the 4th player in terms of taking most catches in test cricket. I can literally make long compilation of Ponting’s one handed screamers which just shows how good he was in his job.

5. Joe Root

  • The member of Fab 4 club, Joe Root is widely known for scoring runs consistently in all around the world but not to forget about his involvement and contribution to the team with his safe hands beside the keeper. Joe Root has grabbed 181 catches in 133 matches till now in 2023.
  • I always looks at his knee and feet direction whenever he fields in slips which will be pointed outwards, that’s the reason he can quickly reflex in any direction to grab the ball. Therefore, having said that Root stands at 5th place in our list of most catches in test cricket.


Who has taken the most catches in test cricket?

Iconic Indian Batsman, Rahul Dravid owns the record of most catches in test which is 210 catches in 164 test matches.

Which current active cricketer has taken the most test catches?

Joe Root is the current active cricket player who has taken the most test catches which is 180 grabs in 133 test games.

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