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Ranji Trophy Player Salary in 2023

In international cricket and short format t20 cricket league like ipl, we see many players earns crores of money for a single season which they plays, Now you might be curious to know the ranji trophy player salary in 2023.

The Ranji Trophy player salary in India can vary widely depending on various factors such as the player’s experience, performance, contract terms, and the team they represent. While I don’t have the exact figures for the current season, it is important to note that Ranji Trophy players’ match fees is not that much of international cricket.

Ranji Trophy Player Salary 

  • According to BCCI, the per match fees of ranji trophy player is Rs 35,000 per day who is in the playing 11 of the team, and Rs  17,500 per day for a players who is reserved or benched. So we can say a player who is playing the match earns 1,75,000 per match, whereas 87,500 for the reserved players.
  • Not only ranji trophy, but the Vijay hazare players also gets the same pay structure.


 New Pay Structure of  Ranji Trophy Players

  • From the 2021-2022 ranji trophy season, the structure of ranji trophy players salary increased on the basis of experience and the matches a player had played. For a player who has less experience and played between 10-20 matches he would earns INR 40,000 per day and INR 20,000 for player who is benched or reserved.
  • On the other hand, For a player who has played between 21-40 matches, and has decent amount of experience he would get INR 50,000 per day and player who is sitting outside will get INR 25,000.
  • Whereas, a player who played between 41-60 matches he will get INR 60,000 per day for playing in playing 11, and half of the amount for a players who is benched which is 30,000.

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How Much Do Ranji Trophy Players Earn In One Season?


Vijay Hazare Players Trophy Per Match Salary


  • Now, let’s talk about the salary of Vijay Hazare Trophy players per match. Vijay Hazare is the second most competitive and famous league in India when it comes to domestic cricket. It is a 50 overs match tournament played by all the major cricketing states.Every team plays 9 league stage matches after that knockout games takes place.
  • When it comes to the salary of Vijay hazare trophy players, Each player earns 35,000 INR who plays in the playing 11, and the benched players earns half of the amount which is 17,500 INR per match. Most of the states also provides their players DA (Daily Allowance) of 1,000 INR per match in league stages and 1,500 INR in knockout stages.


Salary Of Vijay Hazare players players per tournament

  • As I mentioned above, Each team at least plays 8 matches in the tournament, where players earns 3,15,000 INR per season of the Vijay Hazare tournament. It adds up more if the teams plays some extra games in the knockout stages of the tournament.
  • These nine matches took about 8 days of time, which adds more money in the salary of Vijay Hazare players which is 15,000 INR in the form of DA ( daily allowance).


Salary of Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy players


  • Another most important and popular league of the short format cricket T20, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy provide great opportunity to indian domestic players to showcase their talent. Many IPL teams scout their potential players from this tournament. When it comes to the salary of syed mushtaq ali trophy players it is also not behind in the race of domestic leagues.
  • Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy Players get 17,500 INR as per match salary of players who are in the playing 11 of the team, and for the bench players gets half of this amount which is 87,500 INR as per match earnings. Talking about the daily allowance (DA) of players which is 1,000 INR whether they are in playing or benched.


Syed mushtaq Ali player salary per tournament

  • Each players plays between 6 to 7 matches in the syed mushtaq ali t20 tournament, if teams qualifies for knockout stages then each teams gets to play 4 extra matches in the tournament, which makes the per tournament salary of Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy players earns 1,05,000 INR and for the players who plays knockout stages ended up earning 1,75,000 as salary of whole tournament.

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