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Most Runs In One Over In Test

In test cricket a batsman always plays with patience and perseverance to play big inning and even if he wants to go for big shots, it is quite difficult to execute unlike white ball cricket. Regardless of this, there are many batters who sometime forgets that they are playing test cricket and destroys opponent bowler brutally by playing some crazy shots and creates record of most runs in one over in test. Therefore, let’s look out on players who have done this crazy job.


Who Scored Most Runs In One Over In Test?

1. Jasprit Bumrah

Yes, I am not kidding Jasprit Bumrah who is the main fast bowler of India can smash some pretty good shots as well along with his deadly yorkers. I know you might be thinking how can a bowler surpass players like Ben Stokes, Brendon McCullum, Sehwag etc?

Yes Bumrah owns the record of hitting most runs in one over in test cricket by scoring 35 runs in one over that too, against legendary bowler who is one of the leading wicket taker for England in all formats, Stuart Broad.

Let me tell you Bumrah smashed 2 sixes and 4 boundaries in a over against Stuart Broad when Indian team was near to all out by just one wicket and in that crucial situation he added important 35 runs.

But the good thing which I liked the in this whole over that was, Stuart Broad broad remained calm and composed and was smiling throughout the over when he was getting bashed by Bumrah, Unlike other bowler who used to show aggression and losses their control when a tailender beats them like this.

                                                                 Jasprit Bumrah  (35 runs in one over)
                                                                       4, Wide+4, No ball+6, 4, 4, 4, 6,1


2. Brian Lara

If we ask any cricketer when there is 2-3 overs remaining for day end of test match, majority of the players would like to remain not out for that they might play defensive as well, But Brian Lara smashed 28 runs in second last over of the day against left arm spinner Robin Peterson in 2003, and became 2nd player to score most runs in one over in test.

I personally very much liked Brian Lara’s clean and classic shots, epically his lofted slog shot over the long-on and mid-wicket. Lara was someone who could accelerate his inning whenever it requires for the team.

When Lara made 28 runs in one over which was record at that time, perhaps any other batsman would have celebrated it very well but Brian Lara just did not even showed a bit of excitement, his calmness and composure was something which used to made him different from others.

                                                                 Brian Lara (28 runs in an over)
                                                                           4, 6, 6, 4, 4, 4


3. George Bailey

Just imagine, hitting some really big shots that too against someone who has taken 600 plus wickets in test cricket, George Bailey has done this tough task of scoring 28 runs in single over when James Anderson was bowling in 2013 at Perth cricket stadium in Australia. Therefore, Bailey comes in 3rd spot in this list of most runs in one over in test.

My personal opinion says that, George Bailey was one of the most underrated batter of Australian cricket as he always used to add some impactful runs for the team. Although, he may have not achieved big milestones in his career, but when it comes to contribution George Bailey always stood up.

The reason why I am calling him underrated can be proved by his brutal hitting against a successful test bowler of England, I have never seen someone smacking Anderson like George Bailey did at that day.

                                                                 George Bailey (28 runs in single over)
                                                                              4, 6, 2, 4, 6, 6


4. Keshav Maharaj

South African Left arm finger spinner, Keshav Maharaj is a well known all rounder across all three formats in cricket, Keshav has established his name with his tricky and accurate bowling, but he is equally good with the bat as well. When it comes to smacking most runs in one over in test, Keshav Maharaj comes in this list by hitting 28 runs against Joe Root.

Now some people might say that, there was a part time bowler which made him to score these many runs in an over, but to remind you Joe Root may bowl as a part timer, but you cannot doubt on his accuracy and length. Therefore, we cannot take off credit of Keshav’s incredible batting display.

                                                   Keshav Maharaj -Highest runs in one over in test (28 runs)
                                                                              4, 4, 4, 6, 6, 4


5. Shahid Afridi

The greatest rivalry match of cricket between India and Pakistan is always fascinating to watch for all the cricket fans. In a high voltage match, Shahid Afridi ridiculously thrashed Indian off spinner Harbhajan Singh that too for four consecutive sixes and ended up making 27 runs in a over, which made him our 5th player to enter in this list of most runs in one over in test.

Forget about test, hitting back to back 4 sixes even in t20 format is not easy thing to do. Then there is Shahid Afridi who does not care which format he is playing all he knows his to hit the ball for huge sixes. I still remember that match, where Harbhajan Singh was clueless what was happening at the moment.

One thing which is notable in Afridi’s batting is, his ability to judge the length of the ball and picking it as early as possible which gives him little bit extra time. Probably this can be the reason for his huge record of scoring 27 runs in single over.

                                                        Shahid Afridi (27 runs in single over)
                                                                              4, 4, 6, 6, 6, 4



Q) Against which bowler Bumrah scored 35 runs in an over?

Bumrah smashed 35 runs against the England’s one of the successful test bower, Stuart Broad.

Q) Who made highest runs in one over in test cricket after Jasprit Bumrah?

After Bumrah, West Indies batter Brian Lara holds the record of scoring highest test runs in one over (28).


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