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Unsuccessful Team In IPL

Everyone knows the achievements of Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians and many couple more team who have lift the title at least once, but have you ever thought which team is the most unsuccessful team in ipl? Let me remind you that IPL has been the toughest league of the world from years, which makes hard for many teams to cross the winning line.

Despite having some amazing and destructive players there are many teams who did not got enough success. Therefore, let’s dive into the list of unsuccessful teams in IPL.


Most Unsuccessful Teams in IPL (2008-2023)

1Punjab Kings
2Delhi Capitals
4Sunrisers Hyderabad
5Rajasthan Royals

1. Punjab Kings

Famous bollywood actress Preity Zinta’s team Punjab kings have always been filled with some crazy and destructive cricket players in their squad but irrespective of their great players they have not won their first ever IPL title from start of the league.

Furthermore, Punjab Kings have played 232 IPL matches in which they had face the loss 124 times which shows their lack of consistency when it comes to win the matches.

Moreover, players like Glenn Maxwell, David Miller, Virendra Sehwag, Chris Gayle and many more promising players have contributed quite well, but they did not get enough support from theri rest of players throughout the seasons, except 2014 edition.

Punjab Kings have always been in top of the list when it comes to buy big players on auction table but again, In points table you will always see Punjab Kings being on 6th or 7th position.

         Matches Played                Won               Lost
               232                 104               124


2. Delhi Capitals

A team who has always given chances to youngsters to represent their talent in IPL ranks on the 2nd spot in terms of most unsuccessful team in IPL. But in recent years, Delhi played quite well in tournament where they even went to the finals in 2020 season.

Unlike Punjab Kings, Delhi’s performance is actually stable after the captainship role handed to Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Pant. Former Deccan Charges who was quite successful franchise which later turned into Delhi, has played 238 matches in which they lost 127 times.

Moreover Delhi Capitals may not be best performing team of IPL, but the franchise has played great role for scouting some amazing Players like Sanju Samson, Shreyas Iyer, Prithvi Shaw and many more young players who has played for the Indian cricket team.

         Matches Played                Won               Lost
               238                105               127


3. Royal Challengers Bangalore 

One of the most loved and loyal fanbase if any team has, then for sure it would be Royal Challengers Bangalore who is always consisted with some of the biggest cricket stars and of course handsome cricketer Virat Kohli as well.

Furthermore, You might think why RCB isn’t on top in the list of unsuccessful team in IPL? The answer is quite simple that’s because Unlike Punjab Kings and Delhi Capitals, RCB has qualified couple of times for playoffs as well as finals.

If you closely look at the performance of RCB from start of the league, you’ll notice that they actually played their most of the group stages matches on merit but they lacks in knockouts matches which made the perspective as an worst team of IPL.

Moreover Virat Kohli, ABD, Siraj and Yuzvendra Chahal in the past gave their best for the franchise to lift their first ever IPL trophy, But somehow their luck and bad performances holds them back in knockout games.

         Matches Played                Won               Lost
               241                114               120


4. Sunrisers Hyderabad

Yet another promising team Sunrisers Hyderabad who won their first IPL title back in 2016 season, but later on they have failed to fulfill the expectation of their fans as they are now finding difficulties to enter even in qualifiers from last couple of years. Therefore, it’s rank on 4th place as unsuccessful team in IPL

There was a time when Hyderabad used to qualify for consecutive years in playoffs when players like Rashid Khan, David Warner, and Shikhar Dhawan used to contribute to the team. But now, the situation is quite different in SRH campaign as the squad has completely changed.

Moreover, SRH has played 166 matches in which they lost 84 games with the win percentage of 46%. Looking at their current squad which failed this year miserably, might take some time to adjust and to dominate this league again like it used to do.

         Matches Played                Won               Lost
               166                78                84

5. Rajasthan Royals

The team who won the inauguration season of the Indian premier league, Rajasthan Royals journey was quite fluctuating from 2011 to 2019 where they were constantly moving from 7th to 8th position in points table, which makes them 5th unsuccessful team in IPL.

But guess what, the radical approach of Rajasthan Royals management in 2021 mega auction changed their fate. The duo of Sanju-Sangakkara as captain and coach has build up a new RR, as we can see the last 2 years of performance.

Furthermore, In IPL 2022 Rajasthan Royals played final after 12 years under the captainship of young lad Sanju Samson who exceptionally managed the team.

         Matches Played                Won               Lost
               206                101                100


Worst Team In IPL 2023

Above we have just discussed about some of the unsuccessful teams of IPL based on their overall performance. Now just a take a look on worst team in IPL 2023 edition.

The worst team of IPL 2023 in terms of performance is Sunrisers Hyderabad where they played 14 group stages matches in which they only won 4 games. The probable reason behind their terrible season can be the newly formed squad and new captain in the form of Aiden Markram.

In my opinion, on paper SRH was one of the strongest team of ipl 2023 but the execution and synergy between the players is yet to be formed. Destructive players like Heinrich Klassen and Glenn Phillips can be the turning factor in upcoming season for SRH.


No 1 Worst Team In IPL

The title for no 1 worst team in ipl would certainly goes for Delhi Capitals as their win percentage is the lowest among all the teams which is 44.11% . Not only their win percentage but also their impact and domination in the indian premier league has been the lowest from years. 


Why RCB is called worst teams in IPL?

Despite having world's top class cricketers in the team, RCB has failed to lift their first ever IPL title from 2008, that's the reason behind RCB being called as worst team in IPL

Which is the most underrated IPL team at present?

Certainly, Rajasthan Royals is considered as most underrated IPL team, especially looking at their past 2 years performance.

Which player is the unluckiest in IPL history.

Virat Kohli who has given everything to the RCB franchise in each and every year but yet he has not any IPL trophy, which makes him the unluckiest player in IPL history.

Most Successful team in IPL history?

it's bit complex question, however Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians has won the IPL title 5 times each. but unlike MI, CSK has only 2-3 three superstars. Therefore, CSK is bit ahead.



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